Friday, August 30, 2019

Fall Car Care Tips

We know it’s hard to start talking about the fall season and cooler weather, but Labor Day is here, and we will be celebrating the last holiday of the summer. Soon the leaves will be changing as autumn sets in. Is your car ready for the changing seasons? Your mid-Mo car dealership can help. In this week’s blog, Spieler’s Incorporated will give you a few fall car care tips to get your ride in tip-top shape.

Top Off All Fluids

There are many fluids that keep your car going, stopping, and cool. Take a little time to check these fluid levels. You want to keep these fluids filled completely, that way they don't run low. We know we don’t want to talk about snow and ice, but it will be coming. Windshield washer fluid is a must at that time, so keep if full so you don’t get caught without when the cold temperatures hit.

Check Your Tire Wear

Tires are the only thing that sits between you and the road. Inspect your tires for proper air pressure and uneven wear. If you notice your tires not wearing evenly, you could need an alignment. Even wear is key to getting the most miles out of your tires.

Apply a Protective Wax Coat

The summer sun was hard on your cars finish. It is a good time to do a deep clean on your vehicle. Wash the outside and get all the road grime and debris removed and apply a nice coat of wax to protect the paint and finish. Along with the cooler temps come leaves and acorns, a nice wax job can help protect your ride from them scratching your car.

Change Wiper Blades

We absolutely hate streaky wiper blades! Wiper blades get overlooked often, even though they are one of the most useful tools when it rains. After the hot summer, the rubber on the blade can get dried out and damaged. The cracking and tearing can leave streaks and smears behind. New wipers are inexpensive and easy to install. Let’s get them changed and you will be ready to see clear this fall.

Schedule an Oil Change

After all the miles you put on this summer, your car is probably ready for an oil change. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine and it is important to follow your cars oil change interval. Let Spieler’s Inc change your oil and receive a complimentary multi-point inspection on your vehicle. This inspection is an easy way to see if your car needs a repair you may not have seen or noticed until it was too late.

With these tips, you and your ride will be all ready for the fall season. If your vehicle needs a little more tlc, call on the best service department in Missouri. Here at Spieler’s Inc, our staff of expertly trained technicians will keep your car running like it should. We can do it all from brakes to oil changes to complete engine overhauls, we have you covered. For your convenience, you can schedule a service appointment online, right here!

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