Friday, September 6, 2019

Top Reasons Your Next Vehicle Should be a Truck

Are you going to be in the market for a new or used vehicle this fall? There are many options when it comes to styles of vehicles. If you haven’t considered a pickup truck, you should! At your California MO, truck dealership we have the best selection. There are many benefits to owning a truck and Spieler’s Incorporated would like to share a few reasons why you should buy a truck, in this week’s blog.

Today’s Trucks Offer Many Features

In years past, trucks were utility vehicles, mostly used to haul equipment and tools. That isn't necessarily the case anymore. Trucks can come with a myriad of features, including back seats, comfort features like seat warmers, and helpful interior accessories like power outlets and a rear-view camera. Trucks have come a long way since the days of the past.

Trucks Are Tough

Trucks are designed to drive through difficult terrain. SUV's are supposed to be the perfect blend between a car and a truck, but when it comes to handling and driving in poor road conditions, they still can't hold a candle to a pickup truck.


Let's face it, the main attraction to a truck is its ability to tow things. Towing big toys, boats, trailers, and campers will be no problem, and a truck is the perfect all-around vehicle for hauling nearly anything you can throw at it. The next time you see a compact car with a trailer hitch, laugh a little bit because it probably can't haul more than a bike rack.


Thinking of taking a weekend journey? Maybe you want to pack up a tent and some bicycles for a trail ride and then set up camp in the woods. Well, you're in luck, because a truck can handle all of that with plenty of space, and you still have plenty of room in the cab for the family.

We Live in Truck Country

People are always in need of a truck. If you own a truck, you're likely going to be called upon for helping in parades, moving firewood, hauling hay, moving furniture, and possibly even heavy equipment for some pals. All of these are common occurrences here in the Midwest. If you're feeling generous, a truck can be the perfect tool to help your friends.

Sit Up High

Compact vehicles are often designed to crumple in a way that sometimes ruins the vehicle at the expense of keeping the passengers safe. Trucks are generally built a bit higher than other vehicles and are usually built to be more rigid and durable too. This means that they can escape minor collisions with less damage than some compacts.

As you can see, trucks are just so versatile! You can ride in luxury, haul the family, and still tow your boat to the lake. Come and see what trucks are all about at your mid-Missouri Ram Dealer.  Here at Spieler’s Inc., we make it easy to find your next vehicle. With a great selection, aggressive pricing, and our laid-back approach, you will love how we do business. Come check out for yourself at the best dealer in central Missouri.

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