Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 Tips to Safely and Effectively Fuel up your Vehicle

Gasoline is an essential part of powering most vehicles on the road today. Filling up your tank properly can help improve the longevity of the gasoline and your fuel tank. A repair to a fuel tank can be costly, to help avoid a major expense, your trusted car dealer in Mid-Mo has provided some tips to help prevent damage to your tank as your fuel up. If you do experience an issue with your fuel tank, the service department at Spieler’s Inc. can help fix the problem, and get you back on the road quickly.

1. Reduce Static Electricity

While pumping gasoline at a gas station, it is recommended that you avoid creating static electricity. This can ignite the fuel vapors in the air, causing a dangerous fire near the gas pump. To help reduce the amount of static electricity around your vehicle, keep your car turned off while fueling up. Also try to avoid climbing in and out of your vehicle while gasoline is being pumped into your car.

2. Avoid Topping Off Tank

Many people try to get as much fuel in the tank at one time as possible, to make the most out of their trip to the gas station. Once the automatic nozzle at the pump clicks off, do not force any more fuel in the tank. Fuel can slop around or seep out of a fuel tank when it is over-filled. In addition to wasted gas spilling out, over-filling the tank actually puts added pressure on the fuel pump, which can cause damage.

3. Be Consistent With Fuel Choice

If you are unsure of what fuel to use in a vehicle, consult the owner’s manual. Once you start using a certain kind of fuel, whether it be regular or premium, be consistent with your fuel choice at the pump. Different fuel consistency burns at different rates, which can cause an internal issue for your vehicle.

4. Don’t Run Low On Fuel

It is recommended to keep your gas tank over one-fourth full at all times. This can help prevent dirty gasoline or debris from getting sucked up into your fuel pump. The fuel pump also uses the gasoline in the tank as a lubricant to keep it properly functioning. To help avoid a fuel pump repair or replacement down the road, do not run your vehicle down to empty before fueling up.

5. Tighten Your Gas Cap

Ensure your gas cap is properly tightened after fueling up at the gas pump. A sealed tank can help keep gas from evaporating out of your tank. According to the Car Care Council, 147 million gallons of gasoline evaporates each year from loose, damaged, or missing gas caps. Some vehicles will notify the driver if the cap is not properly placed on the gas tank.

Now that you know some of the tips for a safe and efficient fill up at the gas station, you are ready to help your gasoline and tank last longer. Your vehicle’s fuel system is an important part in powering your vehicle. Contact the service department at the best car dealership in Mid-MO to schedule a repair, if you do experience an issue with your fuel system.

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