Wednesday, August 31, 2016

21 Road Trip Songs For Your Getaway

As the holiday weekend approaches, many people in Mid-MO are preparing for a road trip over the long weekend. Whether it is to go visit family or take advantage of a long weekend retreat, the roadways will be busy this Labor Day Weekend. Your trusted car dealer in Mid-MO wants to help you prepare your vehicle for an enjoyable road trip.

Call Our Maintenance Department Before Your Trip

If you are heading out of town for Labor Day, be sure your vehicle is ready to make the trip. Call the maintenance department at Spieler’s Incorporated to set up an appointment today to ensure your car is checked over and ready for your road trip. Ensure your tires are prepared to be on the road over the long weekend. All four tires should have a consistent amount of air pressure in each. Start off the weekend on a good note with new oil in your vehicle. Your oils should be changed every 3,000 miles to help reduce buildup of sludge in your engine. The full service car dealership in California, MO is here to help make sure your vehicle is safe and prepared for a long road trip this holiday weekend. 

Road Trip Songs

We know that road trips can sometimes be a drag, and we want to help you have fun as you pass the time on the roadway. Provided below is a list of the most popular road trip songs for you to add to your playlist before you hit the road for your getaway. No matter if you are traveling for hours in the car, or just across town, the top road trip songs will help you make the most of the time spent in your vehicle.

1. Sweet Home Alabama – by Lynyrd Synyrd
2. Magic Carpet Ride –  by Steppenwolf
3. All Summer Long – by Kid Rock
4. Mustang Sally – by Wilson Pickett
5. Hit The Road Jack – by Ray Charles
6. Life In The Fast Lane – by The Eagles
7. Livin’ on A Prayer – by Bon Jovi
8. I’ve Been Everywhere – by Johnny Cash
9. Born To Be Wild – by Steppenwolf
10. Start Me Up – by The Rolling Stones
11. Life Is A Highway – by Tom Cochrane
12. Route 66 — by The Rolling Stones
13. Ramblin’ Man — by The Allman Brothers
14. Greased Lightning — by Grease
15. Fun, Fun, Fun — by The Beach Boys
16. Born To Run – by Bruce Springsteen
17. Don’t Stop Believing – by Journey
18. Everyday Is A Winding Road – by Sheryl Crow
19. Ticket To Ride – by The Beatles
20. Bohemian Rhapsody – by Queen
21. Jack & Diane – by John Mellencamp

Ready to Hit the Road

Be sure your vehicle is in proper working order by scheduling a maintenance check at Spieler's Inc. Road trips can sometimes be a daunting task for both the driver and the passengers. Adding some fun music can help make the drive more bearable. Take advantage of the quality time spent with friends and family in a vehicle by having a playlist that everyone can sing along with and enjoy. Having some great road trip songs will help pass the time and encourage everyone in the car have fun.

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