Friday, August 5, 2016

6 Tips For Your Test Drive

Are you in the market to purchase a new vehicle? Typically a vehicle purchase is the second largest investment adults make. Many people rely on their vehicle to commute to and from work every day, and a number of other locations throughout the week. Choosing the right vehicle can be overwhelming; Spieler’s Inc. is here to help you through this very important process. A test drive is highly recommended before purchasing a vehicle. Familiarizing yourself with different vehicles can help solidify your decision when it comes to choosing a new vehicle. The best car dealer in Mid-MO has provided some helpful tips for your next test drive.

1. Research Vehicles

Take time before you head to our dealership to do some research on potential vehicles you want to test drive. This can help prevent an overwhelming situation when you arrive. If you narrow down the type of vehicles you are interested in test driving, it can help improve your entire car shopping experience. Call ahead and schedule your test drive with us to help ensure the vehicles you wish to drive are available and ready when you arrive.

2. Allow Adequate Time

A test drive should not be a rushed experience. Our professional sales staff wants you to feel at ease when test driving our vehicles. Relax and enjoy this time to get a feel for the vehicle and what features it has offer.

3. Drive Perspective Vehicles Back-To-Back

If possible, drive the vehicles in which you are interested in the same day. This can significantly help when it comes to comparing your top picks. You can essentially compare the vehicles side by side, if time allows for you to drive them back-to-back.

4. Walk Around Outside First

You may be eager to get behind the wheel of a vehicle during your test drive, but take a few minutes to walk around the outside of the car before getting in. Make sure the exterior of the ride is in proper condition. Many times people will overlook the exterior, and may not even notice a flaw until after they have made the purchase.

5. Sit In All Seats

When test driving a vehicle, get in and out of all doors and see how comfortable each seat is. If you have children who will be riding in the back, make sure the vehicle offers convenient access for them as well.  You probably don’t plan on sitting in the passenger seat every day, but you may want the vehicle you purchase to offer a comfortable ride for all.

6. Convenience Factors

Make note of convenience factors you wish for in your vehicle. Things like cup holders, climate controls in the back, and trunk space can easily be overlooked during a test drive. These factors are important when it comes to traveling in your vehicle.

A test drive is a great way to familiarize yourself with various vehicles when shopping for a new ride. These tips provided by your trusted car dealer in California, MO can help make your test drive experience a success. We want you to be pleased with your vehicle purchase from Spieler’s Inc. Call 573-796-3129 to schedule a test drive for your next vehicle today!

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