Wednesday, September 21, 2016

7 Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

Is your vehicle prepared for the season to change? It may seem like there is not much difference between summer and fall driving, but there is. A number of maintenance tasks should be performed during the fall months. At Spieler’s Inc., we want to help keep you be prepared and safe on the roadways this fall. The best vehicle maintenance department in Mid-MO has provided some items to check over to ensure your vehicle will run its best during the fall months.

1. Tire Pressure

For safe travels on the roadway, ensure your tire pressure is consistent between all four tires and that each is at the recommended level. The tire pressure at the accurate level can help promote even tire wear and prolong the life of your tires. As the temperatures change from summer to fall, it may cause the tire pressure to deflate a little, ensure you check the pressure level on a regular basis as the season changes.

2. Wiper Blades

The blades on your windshield wiper should be changed every six months, usually in the spring and fall. Ensure your blades are in proper working condition without any flaws. Many times the heat of summer will dry out the rubber, causing it to crack and break. A new pair of wiper blades can help keep your windshield clear of debris as you travel this fall.

3. Check Battery

If your batter has not been looked over lately, it is time to run a maintenance check on it. Clear any debris and corrosion build up around your battery with a wire brush and ensure the charge is full. This can help prolong the life of your battery and prevent a dead battery in your vehicle.

4. Tire Condition

Although you should check your tire condition periodically throughout the year, fall is a good time to look them over as well. If the tread is wearing down on your tires, it may be time to replace them. Ensure you have good tire tread before the winter weather approaches. New tires can help you get better traction as you navigate the roadways in snowy or icy conditions.

5. Check Fluids

Ensure the fluids in your vehicle are full and clean. You should top off your windshield wiper fluid tank this time of year to make sure you do not run out at an unfortunate time. If your oil has not been changed in the last 3,000 miles, it is time for new oil to keep your vehicle running properly. Clean oil can help lubricate your engine and keep it in good condition.

6. Wax Vehicle

Fall is a great time of year to wax your vehicle. Protect your paint from the soon-to-follow winter months with a coat of wax. This can help keep winter salt and debris from damaging your vehicle’s paint.

7. Repair Windshield

If you do have a crack or chip in your windshield, this is the time of year to take care of it. An untreated fracture can spread or grow as the temperatures begin to drop in the fall season. Paying for a repair now is much cheaper than an entire windshield replacement after the crack grows.

Now that you know these helpful tips to prepare your vehicle for optimum performance this fall, you are ready to start checking items off the list. Contact your trusted car dealership near Jefferson City, MO to schedule a maintenance check to ensure your ride is ready for fall. If you are in need of an inspection, a coolant system flush, tire replacement, or other maintenance, Spieler’s Incorporated is here for all of your vehicle needs. Call the service department at 573-796-3129 to schedule your vehicle maintenance for fall today!

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