Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Guide To Vehicle Warning Lights

There are a number of instances that cause a warning light to appear on the dash of your vehicle. Many drivers get a panicked feeling when a warning light shows up on their vehicle. The best thing to do is be safe and get your car checked over. Spieler’s Inc. has an experienced service department to help you repair and resolve a light that may be on in your vehicle’s dash. Your trusted car dealer in Mid-MO is here to point out some of the most common warning lights, and what they mean.

Brake System Alert

This light indicates a low level of brake fluid caused by a leak or low brake lining. A professional repair service should be consulted if your brake system alert light is illumined.


Engine Management Light

When a fault with the engine management is detected, this light will appear on a vehicle’s dash display. Immediate attention is usually required when this light comes on.

Battery Alert

A low battery or issue with the battery charging can cause the battery alert symbol to show up. Check your battery charge and bring to a professional for help replacing or repairing a battery issue.

Traction Control Light

When the vehicle experiences hazardous road conditions, such as sliding on ice or hydroplaning on water, this light is illuminated. It can also come on in conjunction with the ABS light, signaling a fault in the brake and traction systems.

Low Fuel Notification

Fuel should be added to the vehicle’s gas tank soon, when this light appears on the dash display. The purpose of this light to help prevent a car from running completely out of gas, leaving the driver stranded.

Coolant Temperature Warning

This warning light alerts the driver to a temperature issue in the coolant system. If the engine is overheating, the vehicle should be stopped to allow the engine to cool off. The car should then be repaired to help prevent overheating.

Tire Pressure Monitor

The tire pressure light indicates that the improper pressure level is in the tire. Check your tires with an air pressure gauge, and then add more or release air, depending if the pressure is over or under the suggested level.

Oil Pressure Warning

If the oil pressure is low in a vehicle, this light will illuminate. Professional help should be sought if the incorrect level is present in the engine.

Now that you have a key to some of the warning lights that may illuminate in your vehicle, you can better prepare to fix the issue. Be aware that some light symbols may vary from car to car, be sure to refer to your owner’s manual for a complete list to your vehicle’s warning lights. If you do experience a warning light, bring your car into the professional vehicle maintenance department in Mid-Missouri. Contact Spieler’s Incorporated at 573-796-3129 to schedule your vehicle maintenance if you experience a warning light. 

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