Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Tips for Improving Visibility During Winter

Winter weather can cause dangerous driving conditions in the Mid-West. Many winter accidents result from poor visibility situations when motorists cannot see the road and other cars. Anything you do to improve visibility can help everyone stay safe during a treacherous time of year. The following five tips from the best car dealership near Jefferson City for improving visibility during winter can help you and your family stay safe on the road.

Windshield Wipers

 Wipers can help clear windows of rain, sleet, ice and frost, but they cannot improve visibility if they aren't being used. Make sure you activate your wipers as soon as precipitation starts and leave them on until it stops. Wipers in good condition can deflect precipitation easily, keeping the windshield clear from obstruction. Worn or damaged windshield wipers can leave a thin layer of snow or ice on your windshield or leave streaks that can keep you from properly seeing the road. Check with the most trusted car dealership in Mid-Missouri to have your wipers inspected. If needed, service technicians can quickly install high-quality replacements that meet the specifications of your vehicle.

Snow Removal

We've had nothing but rain so far this winter, but the season has only just begun! Accumulated snow camouflages your car, making it difficult to see while on the road. To stay safe, remove snow from the hood, roof, and trunk of your car as well as from the bumpers before leaving your driveway. Keep a small brush or broom in your car so that you can remove snow no matter where you are.


Headlights help other drivers see your car and help you get a good view of the road ahead. You should always turn on your headlights during inclement weather. It's also worth your time to inspect your headlights every couple of months to ensure they are clean and in optimum condition. Promptly replace burned-out or dimmed bulbs for a safer winter driving experience.

Most modern cars use plastic headlight lenses that can become cloudy over time. These aging lenses reduce the effectiveness of your headlights, setting the stage for a low-visibility and more dangerous driving environment. Your #1 dealership near Jefferson City can restore these lenses to clear, like-new condition. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

Safety Flares

Treacherous winter roads become worse when your car breaks down. You can improve the visibility of your disabled car by deploying safety flares that attract and reflect the lights of oncoming vehicles to alert motorists of a stranded stationary car. Buy high-visibility safety flares and store them in your car for emergency use. While you’re at it, stow away some of the items we mentioned in our previous blog, 14 Must-Have Items for Your Emergency Kit!

Driving during poor weather is a risky venture. The best advice Spieler's Inc. can give is to avoid driving during low visibility when possible. Safety is always the #1 priority when it comes to driving a vehicle. Drive slower and pay even closer attention to the roads when inclement weather strikes.

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