Thursday, December 10, 2015

Let Spieler's Handle Your Car Repair Needs

When your car breaks down, taking it to the dealership to an auto mechanic shop can become a real dilemma. While we have the best service repair shop in the Jefferson City area, you may live closer to a mechanic shop, or know a friend who works in the business. It may sound like a good idea to take your car to someone you already have a relationship with; however, that's the relationship you want with your dealer and their service department! Let's look at some tradeoffs between taking your vehicle to the most trusted dealership in Mid-Missouri vs. a general repair center.

Certified Education

Mechanics that work at a general service shop see every kind of vehicle. If you're lucky, you end up with a mechanic who has worked on your vehicle brand enough to be considered experienced - but how do you know? Sometimes, these mechanics have to use their best guess to diagnose and repair your vehicle if they haven't seen that style before. Do you want someone guessing how to repair your vehicle?

The Spieler's Inc. Difference

Working at a dealership as a mechanic requires certifications. If you buy a vehicle from Spieler's Inc., we have expertly trained and certified mechanics who can service and diagnose issues with your vehicle. Our mechanics constantly update their skill sets and work on the same vehicle brands we sell - making them experienced at servicing your vehicle.

The Relationship

Does the local service center value your relationship with them? They only see you when your vehicle needs to be serviced, and once that's complete it's on to the next customer. When you've had an accident, they may not be able to help you - what happens next?

The Spieler's Inc. Difference

The relationship with our customers is as important as choosing the right car. We value our customers! When you bring your vehicle to our service department, it shows that you value our professional work ethic and ability to steer you in the right direction as well. Our relationship starts from the moment you come to our dealership to purchase your vehicle and continues through scheduled maintenance and service appointments. The true value of your continued relationship with us is priceless.

Spieler's Inc. wants a relationship with YOU!

We have the best service department in Missouri. We are also ready to fix and repair your vehicle and we always give professional quality service. Bringing in your vehicle to our repair center shows us that you trust us not only to help you into a new vehicle but that we are your preferred choice to keep your vehicle in optimum running condition. That relationship is the best thing about our dealership, about our community.

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