Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What's the Difference Between Conventional and Synthetic Oil?

Today's vehicles have a lot of options when it comes to picking oil for your car's engine. There is conventional motor oil, the hallmark standard for many vehicles or you can choose synthetic oil, which is manufactured in a lab and designed to lubricate your engine efficiently. The best dealership in Mid-Missouri even has a synthetic and conventional blended oil, combining the best of both options. What's the difference between these 3 oils and how can they help your engine achieve its maximum output? Read on to find out why the #1 dealership near Jefferson City offers all three oil types during an oil change.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil (made from crude oil) in your vehicle provides lubrication between the moving parts in your engine and keeps your vehicle from overheating. Generally, a conventional oil change will last around 3,000 miles before the oil starts to break down and becomes less efficient. The biggest benefit to conventional oil is the price: it's significantly cheaper to get an oil change using conventional oil than synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil

Manufactured in a lab, synthetic oil begins as crude oil and gets refined and chemically synthesized for better performance in an engine. Synthetic oils lubricate your engine better, last longer, and keep the engine from overheating. Most synthetics can be used in extreme weather conditions such as high heat or arctic conditions. This type of oil doesn't leave as much residue in your engine either. It burns cleaner and typically offers more horsepower and efficiency from your engine. A vehicle filled with synthetic oil can last much longer between oil changes, sometimes as long as 20,000 miles! The biggest benefit that synthetic oil offers is the reduced wear and tear on your vehicle's engine.

Synthetic Blend Oil

One of the cons of synthetic oil is the higher price tag. To address this issue, synthetic blends were developed to provide the performance and efficiency of synthetic oils at a price point closer to conventional oil. Different blends provide different benefits, so it's important to ask the most trusted dealership in Missouri what they recommend for your vehicle before choosing a random blend.

Spieler's Inc. Uses the Best Oil for Your Vehicle!

The technology surrounding the oil industry is always improving. Even conventional oil today is vastly improved compared to the oil used 30 years ago. Our vehicle service center in the Jefferson City area recommends reading the owner's manual to determine what type of oil works best for your vehicle. We have options available that will suit any vehicle, from conventional to synthetic oil. Stop by today and make sure your engine is well protected against wear-and-tear, and the elements!

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