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14 MUST-HAVE Items For Your Emergency Kit!

In a perfect world, accidents would never happen. Unfortunately, they DO happen. At the best car dealership in the Jefferson City area, the safety of the community is one of our top priorities. That's why we've put together a list of some must-have items you should keep in your vehicle to help you through emergency sitautions. These items should be checked regularly and updated as needed to ensure you are prepared for bad scenarios. Here are 15 things you should keep in the back of your vehicle in the case of an emergency!

First Aid

1. All-In-One Kit

This really should go unmentioned, but it's often overlooked. A first aid kit, complete with gauze, band-aids, and medical tape/antibiotic ointment really goes a long way in treating those accidental scrapes one can obtain while troubleshooting any emergency.

Blankets, Clothes & Heat

2. Wool Blanket

No matter what the weather is, people tend to sleep under a blanket or sheet, right? The same rule applies here. A wool blanket can keep you warm and protected from the elements should your vehicle break down or if you're in an accident. 

3. Space Blanket

A space blanket is much more compact, but can keep you warm by reflecting your body heat and keeping it beneath the blanket. Don't rely on just the space blanket if you're outside in the cold! It has little or no insulation which means it's best combined with the wool blanket for proper safety and warmth.

4. Spare Clothes

A spare set of jeans and a jacket/plain shirt are perfect for an emergency, whether that's a stain or for staying dry!

5. Chemical Warmers

Hand and foot warmers interact with oxygen in the air, heating up and keeping you warm for hours. These are perfect for those moments in the winter when the worst could happen.

Food & Water

6. Snack Items 

Nut bars and canned goods are perfect for the average emergency kit because of their ease of access and energy intake they can give the body. Don't forget the can opener!

7. Water

The most important supply to have on hand, bottled water can be used for drinking, for cooling, and for making food. A few small bottles or a gallon jug should be enough to keep you quenched and still have enough left over to be helpful. 

 Lights & Energy

8. Flashlights 

A flashlight is a perfect fit for every kit out there. Make sure to pack fresh batteries or use a flashlight that has a fresh charge. Also, in today's world, a cellphone is an essential item! Charging a portable battery and putting it in the pack is a great way to guarantee a working phone throughout the entire situation.

9. Glow Sticks & Flares/Road Triangles

Glow sticks are a mainstay item so that you don't need to rely on an electrical source of power for light.  If your car breaks down, road flares and reflective triangles can signal other drivers of your situation & keep the site luminous - keeping you from sitting in the dark!

Tool Kit

A tool kit is the centerpiece to the emergency bag. It should include several items that can be used in nearly every situation!

10. Knife 

A knife can be used for opening packages, cutting tape, and tons of other useful things. Keeping a sharp knife in the bag is a must have.

11. Screwdrivers

Both Flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers can be used to fix a HUGE assortment of vehicle related issues. All in one jumpstart machines can provide a boost to a vehicle battery without two vehicles, some even include chargers for phones, and flashlights! These can replace the jumper cables found earlier on this list.

12. Jumper Cables 

In case the vehicle battery is dead, or simply needs a boost, jumper cables can save the day, provided you have someone else with a vehicle nearby.

13. Jumpstart Machine

All in one jumpstart machines can provide a boost to a vehicle battery without two vehicles, some even include chargers for phones, and flashlights! These can replace the jumper cables found earlier on this list.

14. Camera

Documenting an accident and taking pictures of important things like drivers license's are essential for processes that take place after the emergency. 

Emergencies Happen

It doesn't matter if you buy new or used vehicles at Spieler's Inc.- you need an emergency kit. Don't count on an all in one bag you can buy at the store. Making your own not only allows you to customize the bag, but you know EXACTLY what goes inside. There will be no question on what you can do when an emergency occurs. Remember, when you come to the best truck dealership in Jefferson City, we want you to be more than just happy, we want you safe!

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