Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Car Wash is Important but You'll NEVER Guess Why!

Car washing is one of those tasks that everyone tends to delay. It's tedious, time consuming, and the reward is intangible and tricky. At Spieler's Inc., all of our vehicles are washed and pampered for their soon to be owners. This isn't a trick to make the vehicle look better; it's an important tool to keep the car in premium health! Check out the reasons below that the best car dealership in Mid Missouri keeps their vehicles clean and washed!

Clean Car = Clear Visibility

An often overlooked advantage of a car wash is that it removes anything that obscures the windshield and rear glass. Wipers are fantastic but sometimes they simply can't remove all the muck. Washing your car will help clean that glass off and reach ALL of it- even where the wipers would miss! Having the clearest field of view is incredibly important when it comes to the safety of your vehicle and your family.

Protect That Paint!

Cars are covered in a thin layer of paint to make them more pleasing to the eye and for one other purpose: to protect the exterior of the car! The paint and it's protective coat are designed to prevent rust from forming and dirt from scratching the metal surface. So if you see a dirty vehicle, remember, the clear coat finish and paint are working overtime to prevent any damage to the body of the vehicle.

Value of the Wash

Washing a car regularly, by hand or machine, removes the dirt and grime that's built up by driving it all over. When the dirt stays on for a long time, the wind can move it causing micro-scratches in the finish and paint, which allows moisture and more dirt to get down to the bare body of the car. This is how rust begins to form and it can seriously damage the vehicle as well as significantly impact its value.  

Wax On, Wax Off

Waxing a car does so much more than give it that shiny coat! Wax acts as an additional layer between the wind, dirt, rain, and bugs that just love to coat your car. Keep that in mind the next time you skip the wax coat during the car wash.

Hand or Machine Wash

When you hand wash a vehicle, you have a chance to visually and personally inspect the exterior. This allows you to find dents, scrapes, chips, and any other areas of concern. While it's more convenient to go to a machine wash bay, you're truly missing out on the chance to see/fix a minor problem before it grows. Hand washing is the much preferred option.

Clean and Safe

A car wash really can enhance the protection that a vehicle gives you. The vehicles at our dealership are washed and kept clean by the best maintenance and service department in Missouri. We want to protect not only your investment, but everyone inside the vehicle as well. Keep your car or truck clean and washed to avoid any issues this fall.

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