Thursday, November 1, 2018

21 Quick Facts About Cars

We use cars on a daily basis. From driving to work to picking up the kids from school to going on a road trip, there are a number of reasons we use and need vehicles in our daily life. While it may not seem like an exciting thing since we see and use them every day, there are a TON of fun facts about cars! If you're interested in learning a few new things about vehicles, take a look below at the facts provided by the best car dealership in California, MO.

1) About 1 billion cars are currently in use on Earth.

2) 165,000 is the approximate number of cars produced each day.

3) 50 volatile organic compounds create the new car smell.

4) In case you were wondering, it would take about 6 months to get to the moon via car (driving at 60mph).

5) An average car has over 30,000 parts.

6) 38 hours is the length of time the average American spends stuck in traffic each year.

7) In 1891, the first car accident occurred in Ohio.

8) When it was first introduced, many states wanted to ban the car radio arguing that it could distract drivers.

9) In Russia, it's a criminal offense to drive a dirty car.

10) In Los Angeles, there are more cars than people.

11) A blind person invented the cruise control.

12) 2,850,000 is the highest number of miles on a single vehicle.

13) A car is in park 95% of its lifetime.

14) 40% of drivers never hit the brakes during a car crash.

15) On average, it costs $8,876 each year to own and maintain a car in the United States.

16) It is possible to fully cook a meal inside the engine compartment of a car.

17) About 80% of the average car is recyclable.

18) For the average American, 1 in every 5 meals is eaten in the car.

19) The United States has a law that requires electric cars to make artificial engine noise to make them safer for pedestrians.

20) Only 18% of Americans can drive a stick shift.

21) White was the world's most popular car color in 2013.

Now that you have this new found knowledge about vehicles, you're ready to share some of these fun facts with your friends. If you are tired of driving the same ride every day and reading these interesting facts got your mind searching... we can help you find the perfect new ride for your unique wants and needs. Our mid-Missouri car dealership specializes in helping our customers find the right vehicle. Stop by to see our current new and pre-owned vehicles for sale near Jefferson City, MO.

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