Friday, November 16, 2018

Top Winter Car Care Tips

Winter has decided to arrive early in mid-Missouri, so now is the time to review some top winter car care tips to get your car ready for the cold winter weather.  Your trusted car dealer in mid-Missouri is here to help you with some car care tips for this winter. Here at Spieler's Inc., we know how much you love your car and we want to help you care for it properly! Take a look at the helpful tips below, for caring for your ride.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

When the winter snow and freezing weather decides to strike again, you will be glad you put on a new set of wiper blades.  A new set of blades will help you see in all types of weather.  Don't get caught in a stressful driving situation due to poor windshield visibility.  Ice can be hard on your wiper blades so make sure you start your car and try to defrost as much ice as possible before turning on your wipers. You should also scrape the ice with an ice scraper prior to using your wiper blades. This tip will help increase your wiper blade lifespan.

Wash Your Car Regularly

On a regular basis, it is important to wash the exterior of your vehicle. To help keep the paint in good condition, remove any grime that may build up over time. Especially during the winter months, it is important to wash the road salt off of your vehicle. This can help reduce the chance of rust on the underneath side of your vehicle. Helpful hint: Remember to wash the underside of your ride - a drive-through car wash can help you clear that pesky salt off of your vehicle. To keep a flawless look after you wash, wipe your vehicle down with a dry towel to absorb excess water and reduce the risk of water spots on your newly cleaned paint.

Pack An Emergency Kit

Icy roads and lots of snow can lead to poor driving conditions. Driving during a winter storm can lead to unexpected situations. You are at a higher risk of sliding off the road, getting into a fender bender or maybe your car just not performing well. Make sure you are prepared for any situation you may face this winter. You need to have an emergency kit ready to go. A winter emergency kit should include extra gloves, boots, blankets, shovel, sand or kitty litter, tow strap, flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, portable battery charger, and car cell phone charger.  You may have a few more items to add but those listed should help if you find yourself in a winter weather situation.

Check Your Tires Tread

The tread on your tires can make a huge difference in how your vehicle performs this winter.  If your tires are getting close to needing to be replaced, it is best to do it before the bad weather arrives.  Many vehicles that have sport style tires won't perform as well in the winter. You may want to invest in winter tires or add chains to help gain traction. Not sure if you tread is able to stand up again this upcoming winter, stop in and we can take a look for you.

Get Your Car Ready For Cooler Temperatures

The cooler weather can be hard on a vehicle. If you find your vehicle idling rough or lights appearing on the dash, make sure you get it addressed soon. You don't want to wait and get stuck broke down alongside the road in freezing temperatures. Now is the time to change your oil, replace dirty air filters, get your battery checked, flush your coolant, and maybe adding fuel de-icer to your gas tank. Need help, we have you covered!

It is important to take care of your vehicle before the winter hits. Now is the time to get your car in perfect working order, so you can handle whatever mother nature throws our way. Not sure if your care is ready for the winter, give us a call and we can look it over for you. If you are thinking about buying a new vehicle in mid-Missouri to give you peace of mind this winter, visit Spieler's Incorporated!

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