Monday, October 22, 2018

5 Tips for Young Drivers in Honor of Teen Driver Safety Week

It's National Teen Driver Safety Week (October 21-27). Now's the time to focus in on your teens driving habits. If you're looking for talking points for your teen driver, your trusted car dealership in mid-Missouri is here for you! Take a look below to learn ways to better prepare your child for a safe driving experience.

1) Put The Phone Down

A phone can be a major distraction, especially for young drivers. Texting while driving is very dangerous. Even if you don't feel like your eyes leave the road for very long, the driving conditions can change in a split second. Your reaction can be delayed if you are distracted by the phone. A phone call is also distracting. Try to reduce the amount of time spent on the phone when operating a vehicle.

2) Keep an Eye on the Speed

It can be tempting to speed for the thrill or if you are running late. It's important to follow the speed limit when driving. Not only are you endangering yourself, others on the roadway are more at risk if you speed. You are also more likely to get a speeding ticket on your record, which can impact your car insurance rates.

3) Reduce Distractions

Anything that pulls your full attention away from the road is not good when driving. The radio dial, eating food, taking a drink, and fishing for something in the back seat are all examples of distractions while driving. Try to reduce the number of things that pull your attention away from operating the vehicle.

4) Drive Without Passengers

Passengers can be very distracting. From jamming to your favorite song to listening to a story, there are a number of ways your friends can pull your attention away from driving. It's best to have clear boundaries set for anyone who rides in your car. Tell them that you need to focus on driving so it's best to keep noise to a minimum.

5) Drive Defensively

When operating a vehicle, keep in mind the conditions on the roadway can change very quickly. Always be on the lookout for what other drivers are doing and what they may or may not do. It's best to be on the defense when it comes to other drivers on the road. This will help you keep in mind what actions you should take if an urgent situation does arise.

Do you have a youngster on the road or about to get their license? Now's the time to start car shopping in mid-Missouri for their first car. Our California, MO car dealership can help you find the perfect ride for your young driver. Let us know what you're after and we will work hard to find the perfect car for sale in mid-MO for your new driver!

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