Thursday, August 16, 2018

Top Perks of Buying an SUV

Are you debating what type of vehicle will be in your near future? An SUV is a great all-around vehicle and ideal for many lifestyles. From sporty to family-friendly, there are a TON of perks of owning an SUV. As your family owned car dealership in California, MO, we know how important it is to find the perfect ride for your wants and needs. If you're interested in a new ride and aren't sold on buying an SUV yet, take a look below for top perks of this vehicle type!

Optimal Fuel Mileage

Many SUV's are equipped with great fuel mileage. It's typically comparable to driving a full size car, even better in some models. Make the most of your gasoline usage and get further while using less fuel! An SUV is a smart choice if you are concerned with fuel efficiency.

Plenty of Storage Space

SUV's offer ample storage space. The back door often offers a wide range of storage options AND it's much taller than a car for those unusual items you may haul. An SUV offers the best of both worlds - it has ample storage space like a truck, but much larger than a car with limited space. AND your items will be inside the vehicle, therefore protected from outside elements.

High Safety Ratings

The safety ratings on an SUV is impressive. It's a bigger vehicle than a car but with a more stable stance than a truck. Many SUVs are top in impact testing, as well. There are a number of safety features included in most models. From side impact airbags to auto door locks when the vehicle is in drive, you can increase the safety of your family with the purchase of an SUV.

Ideal Comfort for All

Along with storage space, there is typically more seating space available in an SUV. This type of vehicle can sometimes offer a third row of seats, depending on the model you are looking for. In addition to extra seats, an SUV often has larger seats and more foot room than it's counterparts. If you often have people in the backseat, an SUV offers comfortable seating for everyone in your vehicle.

Renowned Off-Road Capabilities

If you live life on the adventurous side, an SUV is an ideal vehicle for you! The suspension is tough for those bumpy roads and many SUVs offer a safe chassis, ideal for getting you exactly where you want to go! Whether you are going camping with the family or out for a thrilling day of trail riding, an SUV is the right option in a vehicle for you!

What are you waiting for? Swing by our California, MO car dealership to check out our current selection of SUV's! We look forward to helping you find the perfect ride to meet your wants and needs in a new SUV. The sales team at Spieler's Inc. is second to none and truly care about helping our customers find the perfect fit in a new ride. Even if you're not interested in buying an SUV, we can help you find the right vehicle type for you and your family! Stop by the best car dealership in mid-MO to check out our inventory today.

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