Thursday, August 9, 2018

🚌Safety Tips for Back to School🚌

It's that time of year again, the kids will be going back to school in the next few weeks. As this time of year rolls around, it's important to keep safety tips when it comes to school drop-offs and navigating around buses top of mind. As your dedicated car dealership in California, MO, we want to help keep you and your kids safe this back to school season. Take a look below to learn some quick safety tips reminders to refresh as the school year gears up.

Watch Out For Bus Stops

As you drive to and from school, there will likely be busses traveling along your same route. Keep in mind that a bus cannot come to a stop as quickly as you may be able to; allow adequate stopping distance when flowing a bus. Be prepared to stop frequently when driving behind a bus, they will stop to drop off students often. Remember, all lanes of traffic must stop when students are entering or exiting a bus on the roadway. A 10 foot radius around the bus is the most dangerous place for a child. Be sure to allow enough space for children to exit the bus safely. Keep in mind that children are unpredictable, and often unaware of dangerous situations that a road can present. Being aware of busses and children this back to school season will help promote a safe commute for everyone involved.

Use Caution at the Loading Zone

Schools typically have specific pick-up and drop-off safety suggestions for parents. When taking your kids to school, or picking them up, make sure you know the procedure. Do not double park in a school loading zone; this can prevent a child from seeing other vehicles. Try to avoid picking up or dropping off your children across the street from the school. This may make your commute quicker but can also create a dangerous situation for kids when they have to cross a road or parking lot at a busy time.

Look Out for Pedestrians at Crosswalks

Roads surrounding schools are filled with crosswalks. Many children heading to and from school will use these spaces to cross the road. Do not block a crosswalk when stopped at a light or stop sign, forcing the students to walk around your vehicle and out of the crosswalk. It is a good rule of thumb to stop and let a child cross the road if they are waiting. Sometimes kids forget to stop and wait, and may dart out into the road without being aware of oncoming traffic. Keep an eye out for children walking along or crossing the road when heading back to school this year.

Now that you have a refresh of safety tips of going back to school, you're ready to get your kids ready for the big day. As you prep your children for back to school, you should also ensure your vehicle is ready for the school drop-offs and other activities that go hand in hand with the school year gearing back up. Whether it's sports practice or other extracurricular activities, you may be on the run this fall. Bring your ride by Spieler's Incorporated to have one of our factory trained mechanics take a look at it. We can let you know if there's anything you should have repaired before you get ready for the busy school year!

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