Friday, March 30, 2018

Top 7 Ways to Improve Fuel Consumtion

Fuel consumption directly impacts the amount of money you spend at the pump. If you can make the amount of fuel in your tank last longer, it can help to save some money. As your family-owned car dealership in California, MO, we know saving money on gas is important. Fuel consumption is an easy way to cut back on your gas expense. Take a look below to learn the easy ways you can adjust your driving habits for better fuel mileage.

1. Reduce Wind Resistance

While it may not be practical at all times, try to avoid traveling a long distance with an item that causes wind resistance. Any items on your luggage racks or large items in the bed of a truck can put a drag on your vehicle, causing it to consume more fuel.

2. Keep an Eye on Speed

Speeding causes an overuse of gasoline, as your vehicle has to use more fuel to get up to speed. Try to keep your speed at the recommended MPH for the road in which you are traveling on.

3. Roll Down Hills

Gravity is on your side when you're driving down a hill. You can let off the gas and coast down many hills. This can help counteract the fuel consumption that is required to get UP the hill. Don't use unnecessary gas to accelerate down a hill, when you will get down it either way.

4. Use Cruise Control

Using cruise control can help keep your acceleration at bay when traveling a constant speed. This also helps when saving on the amount of fuel your vehicle uses as you drive down the highway. If you don't have a vehicle with cruise control, try to keep an even speed when traveling to avoid speeding up and using extra gasoline

5. Shift Smoothly

Heavy braking and accelerating at a quick pace can put a damper on your fuel efficiency. Try to shift smooth and drive with caution, when traveling in your vehicle. This is an easy way to increase your fuel efficiency.

6. Secure the Gas Cap Correctly

About 147 million gallons of gas were lost last year due to evaporation. Ensure your gas tank cap is on tight and secured properly. This can help keep the gasoline you purchased exactly where you want it - inside your gas tank. If you have a faulty cap, try to get that repaired as soon as possible.

7. Plan Your Trips Ahead

It's best to take one trip instead of several to run your errands. Think ahead of all the places you need to go before you leave home. Start at the location furthest away and work your way back toward your home. This can help to reduce the waste of unnecessary gas driving all over town. While it does not always work out to plan ahead and take one trip, it's best to minimize the number of trips to and from your home throughout the day.

Now that you've learned a few easy ways to improve your fuel consumption, you're ready to make changes to your driving habits. A few simple adjustments can make a major difference to your gas expense. If you have made changes to your driving techniques and still don't notice lower totals at the gas pump, it may be time to have your vehicle checked for maintenance. Stop by our shop for vehicle maintenance in mid-MO. Here at Spieler's Inc., we can check over your ride and ensure all systems are properly working.

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