Friday, March 16, 2018

Tips to Prep Your Ride for Spring

Spring is right around the corner! Can you believe it? As the temperature starts to warm up, you may be itching to get your ride ready for spring. As the best car dealership in California, MO, we want to help you get your ride prepared for the warmer months. Take a look below to learn a few tips to gear up your ride for the spring.

1- Spring Cleaning

Time to wash your ride has arrived! The winter weather is harsh on cars. Whether you prefer to wash by hand or want to take a trip through the car wash, it's important to wash your vehicle after the messy winter months. From road slush from snow to salt and sand on the roads for traction, you will want to wash that gunk off your vehicle.

2- Rotate & Align Tires

Tires can get out of wack over the winter months. From potholes to spinning for traction, your vehicle can easily get out of alignment. Take time to help straighten out your tires this spring. Rotating your tires can also help to promote even tire wear.

3- Replace Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades can wear down over time. From the harsh winter cold to trying to brush snow and ice off your windshield, the winter months are hard on your wipers. Take a few minutes to inspect your blades and replace, if needed. New windshield wiper blades can help you see clearly this spring.

4- Check Fluids

Do a quick check of your vehicle fluids and replenish any that need more. If you schedule an oil change with us, we can check your fluids while your vehicle is in the shop. It's an easy way to make sure you are ready to roll for your spring driving.

5- Replace Tires

Inspect your tires on a regular basis. If you notice the tread starts to wear down, it's time to invest in new tires. Our car dealership can help set you up with new tires to fit your ride. New tires can help to clear water from in between the road and your tires - giving you a better grip on the pavement.

Spring maintenance is important for both sunny days when you want to show off your ride to rainy days when you need good tire tread. There are a number of things to check over before you hit the road this spring. Whether you're planning a road trip or simply commuting to and from work, your safety is of high importance to us. As you go over this list of things to check on your ride, stop by Spieler's Inc. today! Our mid-Missouri car dealership can help you ensure your ride is prepared for the change in season. We look forward to helping you get ready for your spring travels.

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