Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quick Tips for Driving this Spring

Spring is upon us! Along with the warmer weather comes rainy days of spring. As the best car dealership in mid-Missouri, we want to help keep you safe on the roadways. From driving in the rain to potholes left from winter, there are certain driving techniques you can use to help navigate the roads this spring. While driving in each season provides its own set of challenges, we want to focus in on spring in this week's blog. Take a look below to learn some driving tips you can start implementing today!

Rain Covered Roads

Driving during the rain can be dangerous. Be sure your windshield wipers are working properly before it starts raining. As you navigate the rainy roads, keep your speed controlled. A lower speed can help you better react to driving conditions. If it is raining so hard you can't see the road, try to find a safe place to pull off the road. Remember to make sure your lights are on if it is raining! This can help other drivers see your vehicle better.

Share the Road

With the warmer temperatures, more motorcyclists and bicyclists will be on the roads. Remember to be respectful and share the road. Keep an eye out for these smaller vehicles before you turn onto a road or change lanes. Look twice and be aware of the increased number of motorcycles on the road this spring.

Avoid Potholes

After the harsh winter weather, the roads may have damage. Try to avoid running through a pothole. This not only can throw off your vehicle's alignment, you never know what is in the hole or how deep it is. If you can, safely swerve around a pothole in the road instead of driving through it.

Steer Clear of Standing Water

Water can gather if a roadway does not drain properly. This can create a dangerous situation for all. If you drive through standing water, you could hydroplane and potentially lose control of your vehicle. Try to avoid driving through standing water if at all possible.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Animals

A number of animals are starting to migrate as the weather gets warmer. If you are driving keep an eye out for animals that may cross the road in front of your vehicle, especially at night. Animals can cause expensive damage to your vehicle if you hit them. Even if it seems like you missed an animal, it can still cause damage to your undercarriage.

More and more vehicles are on the roadways in the spring and summer months. From family vacations to friend getaways, more people travel this time of year. Now that you've learned some of these driving tips, it can help make the roadway a safer place for you and other drivers. If you are planning a road trip of your own, be sure to stop by our California, MO car dealership before you hit the road. Here at Spieler's Inc., we can check over your ride to make sure it is ready for your adventure.

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