Monday, November 27, 2017

Perks of Shopping Our Used Car Selection

When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle in Missouri, you have a lot of options. While we would love to get you into a brand new car, our used cars also offer a lot of great options! Keep reading to learn about some of the perks of shopping our used car selection.

1. A Lower Price Tag.
The main perk of purchasing a used car is that the price tag is significantly lower. Not only are you able to save money on the purchase, but you could also get a much nicer model for the price that you would have paid for a new, lower-end model. If you’re looking to save some money on your next car purchase, our selection of used cars is a great place for you to go!

2. Savings on Insurance.
Not only will the price of a used car be less than that of a new one, but the cost of your insurance will likely also be less. Insurance rates are affected by several things, including the age of the car. The premiums on used vehicles tend to be less expensive. Also, if you paid cash for your used vehicle instead of financing it, you won’t have to purchase full coverage, which can also save you money.

3. Predicted Reliability Info Available.
With used cars, there’s a wealth of information out there on which ones run the best, have the least issues and are going to be a good used purchase for you. The new car market is constantly dealing with recalls trying to get everything right, while the used car market has already found and remedied these issues. There are forums all over the internet where you can find the answers to pretty much any question you might have about your used car.

4. Avoid Fast Depreciation.
While cars lose their value with each passing mile and minute, the steepest depreciation on vehicles happens in its first year. Some vehicles can lose as much as 20% of their value after you drive them off the lot. When you buy used, there’s no immediate depreciation; the previous owner already took that loss for you. Your used car will still depreciate in value, but you’ll lose less money less quickly than you would buying brand new.

Spieler’s Inc is your resource for quality pre-owned vehicles in Missouri. We are proud to offer great customer service, whether you’re looking to buy new or used. The vehicles on our lot have the best prices and quality in the area, so come by and see us at our California, MO car dealership today!

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