Monday, November 13, 2017

What to Bring With You When Car Shopping

Whether your current vehicle is wearing out or it’s just not fitting your needs anymore, it might be time to start looking for a new car. Before heading out to the best car dealership in Mid-Missouri, you’ll want to make some preparations. Below are some items you’ll want to bring with you when you go car shopping.

What to Bring With You to the Dealership

When you arrive at the dealership, make sure you have your driver’s license and proof of auto insurance with you. While you should always have these documents on you while you’re driving, make sure you have them readily available. Unless you are paying cash, another thing you may want to consider is getting a pre-approval for an auto loan. Talk to your bank or credit union to figure out how much you will qualify for and at what interest rate. This can help you stay within your budget while you’re car shopping. Even if you are planning to finance your vehicle, it’s a good idea to bring your checkbook. You may want to put a down payment on the vehicle or run into something you hadn’t thought of that you’ll need to pay for.

What to Bring for a Trade-In

If you plan to trade-in your current vehicle, there are some additional documents and things you will want to bring. You will need your car’s certificate of title, the car’s current registration, all  your car keys and the owner’s manual. If you’re still paying off an auto loan on the vehicle, you will need to have your account number or a payment stub. In addition to bringing these items, you’ll want to make sure to clean out your car. Pay special attention to the areas under the seats, over the visors, in the cd player, in the glovebox and in every corner of the trunk.

You’ll be glad you took the time to prepare before heading off to the dealership. Spieler’s Inc. is here to help make your car buying experience a success! Our dedicated sales staff and factory trained technicians are here to make buying a new car in Missouri a fun, easy, and hassle free experience. Stop by our Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep Dealership in California, MO today!

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