Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Advantages of Winter Tires

Tires may seem all the same to some, but the tires you use in summer are not always the best tires to use in the winter. Along with the temperature change, roadways can become covered in snow or ice, leaving you traveling in dangerous conditions! Studies have shown that people radically underestimate grip on dry roads and radically overestimate it in the snow. At Mid Missouri's most trusted car dealership, we want to make sure you're as safe as possible when traveling this winter. Let's look at the key reasons you need winter tires on your vehicle.

What is a winter tire?

Winter tires are tires designed to be utilized in colder weather. They typically come in two varieties, studded or studless, and generally have deeper treads, and are made using a softer rubber. This allows the tire to conform to the road and grip the surface much more effectively than a normal tire would in icy, cold or snowy conditions.

If winter tires are effective in the winter, can I use them year round?

Winter tires are designed to grip the road through poor conditions. If these tires are used year round, you'll experience a decrease in the performance of your vehicle and significantly reduce the life of your tires.

Why not use all-season tires?

All season tires are the tires of choice in areas where the weather typically stays 45°F and above, and colder weather is sporadic. Below that, all-season and summer tires can harden due to cold roadways, leaving your vehicle prone to hydroplaning, sliding and decreasing your grip on the road.

Spieler's Inc. wants you as safe as possible on the road!

Having a nice set of winter tires can help reduce the chance of being snowed in, and they can keep you safe should you chance the roadways after an ice storm. It's better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to vehicles. Stop by Spieler's Inc. and see what the most trusted dealership in Missouri can do for you!

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