Thursday, September 7, 2017

Top Tips to Prevent Auto Break-Ins

Motor vehicle theft is up 3.1% nationally, according to the FBI's annual Uniform Crime Data report. While many believe luxury vehicles to be the top target, thieves typically break into newer economy based rides. If you are wondering how to help protect your vehicle, our car dealership near Jefferson City, MO has provided some helpful tips below! Check out the different ways you can deter your vehicle from being the target of a theft.

Lock The Doors & Windows

Many times a thief will make their way around looking for vehicles with unlocked doors or windows that are rolled down. This is easy access to the interior of your ride, where the valuables may be kept. If a window or door needs broken into, a loud noise may draw attention to the scene, creating a bad situation for someone trying to break into your vehicle.

Turn Off Your Vehicle

A running car is a good sign that the door is unlocked. Even if you are just running into the gas station and don't want to shut your vehicle off, take the time to do so. You will be thankful when it is still sitting there upon your return. This is more common in the winter time, but it's good to keep in mind that it's not worth leaving your ride running since it will quickly become a target.

Select Well-Lit Parking Spots

When deciding where to park, think about lighting. A well-lit parking spot is less likely to become the target of a thief for fear that they will be seen. Try to park in places where your ride is more easily seen to reduce your risk of being a victim of a car theft.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

If you have a purse or other valuable object sitting out, you may find your vehicle is broken into before others. GPS is a popular object to keep in your car these days, but ensure this type of expensive item is kept out of sight, when you leave your ride. Try to conceal any item of value before your leave your vehicle in a public area.

Consider an Anti-Theft System

If you feel your vehicle may be a target for a break-in, there are additional anti-theft protection systems that can be added to your vehicle. A steering wheel lock, window alarm, and ignition cut-off system can make a thief's job harder. The harder you can make your vehicle to break into, it's more likely to be passed over.

Now that you've read more about ways to prevent your automobile from being broken into, you're ready to start putting these tips to use. Whether you plan to use a combination of the above suggestions or strive to improve upon one of the major steps to take, it's important to protect your vehicle. Here at Spieler's Inc., we know how important your vehicle is to you and your lifestyle. Protect it by putting the above tips into action!

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