Thursday, September 21, 2017

Easy Steps to Prepare Your Ride For Fall

It's hard to believe fall is upon us with the summer-like temperatures we're experiencing in mid-Missouri. Autumn is right around the corner and it's time to prepare your vehicle for the change in season. Our California, MO car dealership wants to help you get ready by providing some helpful tips for preparing your vehicle for fall. Take a look below to learn the easy ways you can gear up for the autumn season!

Change Wiper Blades

Wiper blades get overlooked often, even though they are one of the most useful tools when it rains. After a warm summer, the rubber on the blade may be damaged. Cracking and chipping of the blade may occur, leaving streaks and smears behind. For a clear view this fall, be sure to change your wiper blades, if needed.

Apply a Protective Wax Coat

With the hot sun of summer comes damaging rays of light. Give your ride a much-deserved wash and protect the paint with a fresh coat of wax to help prevent damage throughout the fall and winter. During the autumn months, leaves, acorns, and other tree debris can cause scratches and other damage to your car's paint. A good wash and wax may be just want your ride needs!

Fill Up All Fluids

Take a little time to check your vehicle's fluid levels. Try to keep all fluids filled completely, that way they don't run low. Windshield wiper fluid is one of the most-used fluids in the winter months to help clear off snow and other debris - be sure to keep this tank filled up throughout the fall months to prevent running out.

Check Your Tire Wear

Tires are one of the most important part of your vehicle. While the roads are typically not icy and slick during the fall, it's a great time to prepare your ride for winter. Take a look at your tires and consider buying new tires, if needed.

Schedule an Oil Change

After a summer road trip and gearing up for holiday travel, it's a great time to schedule an oil change. If you are getting close to the point of needing it changed, be sure to call early to get an appointment so you don't roll over the suggested mileage or time frame. Our professional technicians can help prepare your vehicle for daily travel and/or a road trip by getting fresh oil in your vehicle for optimum travel.

Now you've hopefully learned a few new tips on ways to get your car ready for the cooler fall months, you're ready to get started. Add a few of these items to your to-do list and you'll have them knocked out in no time! Here at Spieler's Incorporated, we know the importance of keeping your vehicle looking and driving in tip-top shape. As the best car dealership in central Missouri, we want to help you stay on top of regular maintenance of your vehicle, as well as some car care tips. If your vehicle is ready for an oil change, new tires, or other service, contact our maintenance department today! We can help you gear up for fall and get you out on the road to enjoy your next adventure.

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