Wednesday, September 13, 2017

FAQ When Buying a Used Car

Many car buyers lean toward used cars for a number of reasons. With a lower price point, a used vehicle is often the right fit for many of our customers. Our dedicated sales staff at Spieler's Inc. is here for all of your mid-Missouri used car shopping needs. Our California, MO car dealership has a wide range of new and used cars, ready for you to take a look and test drive! Before you get started, take a look below to learn the answers to a number of frequently asked questions for buying a used vehicle.

FAQ #1: Does this Vehicle Have a Clean CarFax?

Any vehicle purchased at Spieler's Inc. will come with a complete CarFax report. We run the information on the vehicle and provide the report for the new car owner. This can give you a complete idea of the car's history.

FAQ #2: Can any Imperfections be Repaired?

Many times a used vehicle will have a few paint dings, windshield chips, and interior imperfections. Ask your car dealership about their ability to repair such damage before the vehicle is purchased.

FAQ #3: Is the AC/Heat working properly?

It's best to check the AC and heat during a test drive, but ask the car salesperson if they know of any issues with the heating and cooling system? This can help give you a good idea of the working condition of the ride.

FAQ #4: Does the Vehicle Leak any Fluids?

Ask a dealership sales team member if any fluids leak from the vehicle. This can hint that there in issue with the vehicle's mechanical parts or that a leak needs to simply be fixed. Many times these repairs can be made on site.

FAQ #5: Are there any Items Missing from the Vehicle?

Check if all equipment is in tact. A roof rack component, interior organizing netting, and other factory equipment should be looked over, when buying a new car.

FAQ #6: How is the Gas Mileage on this Ride?

Before you purchase a new vehicle, ask about the fuel mileage for it. This can help you narrow down different rides that you like, if fuel economy is an important factor for you.

FAQ #7: Are there any Financing Options Available?

Here at Spieler's Inc., we work with all types of credit situations - great, good, and bad credit. We also offer 0% interest on select new vehicles (with approved credit).

FAQ #8: Is there a Clear Title for this Vehicle?

It's important to know the title situation for a ride you are interested in purchasing. Simply ask about the title to any of the sales members and they will be able to help provide you with that information.

FAQ #9: What Documentation or Purchase Fees are Required?

Don't be caught off guard with surprise fees at the last minute. Our trustworthy car dealership has NO hidden document fees or paperwork fees. The price you agree upon is the price you pay!

Are you itching to come take a look at our inventory now? With these questions in mind, you can fully educate yourself about a vehicle on our lot. Our friendly sales staff would be pleased to help answer any of your questions about our used selection. We can also help you get in the vehicle for a test drive! We look forward to helping you find the perfect ride for you and your family. Come out to our central Missouri car dealership to experience the difference!

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