Wednesday, February 15, 2017

9 Popular Features On Our Rides

Features are what sets certain vehicles apart from the others. Whether you prefer a sunroof or heated mirrors, these unique attributes can become a major decision maker, when it comes to buying a new vehicle in mid-Missouri. Here at Spieler's Incorporated, we pride ourselves on helping you find the right vehicle for your wants and needs. To help you learn more about our popular features, we have dedicated this week's blog to highlight some of our vehicle amenities.

1) Heated Seats

In the dead of winter, heated seats are a feature you will be thankful for! For a warm seat when you get into your vehicle, heated seats can help you get through the cold of winter, a little easier.

2) Remote-Start

Whether it is the cold of winter or the blazing heat of the summer, a remote-start allows you to start your vehicle before you enter. You can warm or cool your vehicle to a comfortable level when you are getting ready to hit the road.

3) Hands-Free Phone

Stop dangerously fumbling with your mobile device and talk through the speakers in your vehicle. For an easy to use, convenient phone experience, consider a Bluetooth hands-free feature on your next ride!

4) Navigation System

If you are always getting lost or simply like to see how long until you reach your destination, a navigation system built into your vehicle may be for you! For convenient use of your GPS, a built-in navigation system is ideal.

5) Back-Up Camera

If you have been known to back into objects, a back-up camera can help you see exactly where you are going, when in reverse. For a safer way to navigate out of parking spots or a garage, consider a back-up camera on your next ride.

6) Heated Mirrors

Mirrors are an important safety feature when driving your vehicle. If your car is ice covered, it can be a bear to clear your mirrors of the frozen liquid. Heated mirrors are essentially self-melting since the area heats up from within. For a convenient and safe ride, heated mirrors are the way to go for those icy winter days.

7) Sunroof

Who doesn't want to let fresh air and sunshine in, while driving? A sunroof allows you to do just that! Bring nature into your ride, when you buy a car with a sunroof. An added perk - soak up the sun's rays while traveling in your vehicle!

8) Storage Options

If you are like many, vehicles get used for a number of purposes. From additional seating to collapsible seats to unique storage compartments, check out the storage options when shopping for a new car.

9) DVD Player

For the passengers in the back seat, a DVD player can help keep your vehicle's occupants entertained. Especially handy when traveling with children, consider the attention grabbing feature of a DVD player.

Do these features make you want to go shopping for a new car, or what? Car amenities are a make or break, when selecting a vehicle near Jefferson City, Missouri. Let our dedicated sales staff know what features you are after in a new ride, and we can help you find the right option for your wants and needs! For the latest car features, check out our 2017 inventory for your next vehicle purchase in California, MO. We look forward to helping you find your dream car!

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