Thursday, February 9, 2017

7 FAQ When Buying A Car

On average, a person owns a new vehicle for 6.5 years. The decision to purchase a vehicle should not be taken lightly, since you will likely be driving it for a few years time. When car shopping in mid-Missouri, it is important to ask your sales person the right questions. We know how vital it is to be informed about a vehicle, before purchasing. Here at Spieler's Inc., our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff can help answer any question you may have, when shopping for a new ride.

Question #1: Do you have a clean Carfax?

Answer #1: We offer a complimentary Carfax report with the sale of our vehicles. It is important to know the history of a vehicle, before you decide to purchase it. When shopping for a new ride at Spieler's Incorporated simply ask our sales staff for past information about the ride in which you are interested.

Question #2: Are there any signs of smoking or pets?

Answer #2: Whether you are allergic or simply do not like to smell, make sure to ask about the condition of the interior of a vehicle. From smoke to pet hair and dander, these smells can be a deal breaker, when finding the right car for you and your family.

Question #3: Do you have a clear title?

Answer #3: A clear title can help the transaction of purchasing a vehicle, flow smoothly. If there is not title or a salvage title, you may have to jump through some extra hoops to purchase the ride. Know upfront the status of the title in the car, truck, or SUV your are interested in purchasing.

Question #4: Are there any special features?

Answer #4: Additional safety and comfort features can become a huge selling point for a vehicle. To ensure you are making the right choice, be sure to ask about any special features the ride offers. From heated seats to remote start, these features may be a make or break for the purchase of a car (especially in the winter!). If you are after a vehicle with a certain feature, let your sales person know that way he or she can find the right ride for you!

Question #5: Has the car been maintained on a regular basis?

Answer #5: The maintenance history is a great piece of information. This can help you get an idea of the care the vehicle has received. From regular oil changes to major repairs, it is important to know what the vehicle you want has been through.

Question #6: What are the financing options?

Answer #6: Each vehicle may have different financing incentives or offers. Be sure to ask what each vehicle you are interested in, offers. Knowing the financing options upfront can help you make the right decision on which ride is best for you and your family.

Question #7: What type of warranty is offered with the vehicle?

Answer #7: Similar to the financing options, a warranty can very from vehicle to vehicle. Depending on the mileage and year, the manufacturer warranty may be expired, but our dealership can offer extended warranties, for your new ride.

Now that you know some answers to frequently asked questions about buying a car near Jefferson City, MO, you are ready to start car shopping. Our trusted sales team has the knowledge and experience to help you find the right vehicle for all of your wants and needs! If you have any other questions about car shopping in California, Missouri, contact our sales department at 573-796-3129.

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