Friday, April 1, 2016

Keep Your Vehicle Running at Peak Efficiency With An Inspection

Getting your vehicle inspected can keep it running at peak efficiency. A car dealer in Jefferson City can give your vehicle a multi-point inspection to find any potential problems before they develop. The inspection may vary depending on what type of package you get, but here is what you can expect with a basic inspection at Spieler's Inc.:

Vehicle Checkup

Tires - The tires will be checked for leaks and the pressure will be adjusted. By having properly inflated tires your ride will be smoother and you will get better gas mileage. You will be notified if the tires need to be replaced. 
Brakes - Brake function is vitally important for every auto.
Motor Oil - The oil will be changed if it is necessary.
Engine Coolant - Levels will be checked to ensure your engine stays cool and to protect it from overheating. 
Power Steering Fluid - Power steering fluid will be checked and adjusted if need be.
Transmission Fluid - Transmission fluid will be tested, as it deteriorates over time and is vital for lubricating all of the moving parts.
Wiper Washer - The windshield wiper fluid will be looked at and filled up if  running low.
Belts & Hoses - These are a source of common car problems and should be checked on a regular basis as they can wear out.
Air Filter - Filters always need to be changed and the inspection will look for air filter issues.
Cabin Air Filter - The interior air filter will be inspected.
Windshield Wipers & Blades - The wiper blades as well as the entire washer fluid system will be examined on the vehicle inspection.
Lamps - Lights including the headlamps, trailamps, turn signal lamps, and parking lamps are checked to make sure they are in working order.
Battery - Without a good battery your car won't start. The inspection will check your battery and replace if it's needed. Worn or dirty contacts may be cleaned to get a better battery connection.
Shocks & Struts - With poor shocks and struts, you will have a bumpy ride. The inspection will address this problem if there are issues.
Transfer Case Fluid - This will be checked to ensure there is enough lubricant in the transfer case to keep gears cool and turning smoothly.
Differential - Whether you drive rear-wheel, front-wheel or all-wheel drive, differential fluid needs to be changed at regular intervals. This will be examined during the inspection.
Axle Boots - The axles will be inspected for problems.
Suspension - The entire suspension system of your auto will be checked for the right alignment and levels for your vehicle.
Exhaust System - The muffler system will be examined for holes and leaks and a new muffler installed if needed.

Bring Your Car to Spieler's Inc. for a Multi-Point Inspection

This is what you can expect from a basic inspection from your Jefferson City car dealer. Inspections may be more or less detailed. This is just a general guide for what to expect when you bring your vehicle in to get an inspection. Talk to your service representative at Spieler's Inc. to find out the full features of our inspection. To schedule an appointment for service, contact us at (573) 796-3129.

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