Thursday, April 21, 2016

Your A/C System: Don't Get Caught Off Guard On the Hottest Day of Summer

In your recent travels, you may have noticed your car is getting a bit stuffy and it's time to turn on your car's air conditioner. The A/C is a cool breeze when it is running properly!  However, if your air conditioner starts to blow warm stale air into your vehicle or not working properly, it is best to schedule a service appointment at your Jefferson City auto dealership. Spieler's Inc.'s service department has the proper equipment and knowledge base to repair your vehicle's A/C system, so you don't get caught off guard on the hottest day of the summer. In addition, there are certain environmental concerns involved with refrigerant that require special attention. We have identified some common issues related to automotive A/C systems to help you determine what may be going on with your vehicle:

Refrigerant Leak

If your car isn't blowing cold air, most likely it is a refrigerant leak. What generally happens is the refrigerant will leak out and reduce the total pressure in the system. Then the low-pressure cut off switch disengages the compressor. This is essentially like turning the A/C switch to off and can wreak havoc within your air-conditioning system. Our Jefferson City vehicle service department can properly diagnose the leak.

Worn Out Compressor

The compressor is the heart of your vehicle's air-conditioning system. It's function is to circulate refrigerant through a series of stages and remove heat from your vehicle. Similar to other automotive parts, the compressor can wear out over time. As a result of its complicated design, compressor failure can be attributed to contamination or other failed parts. Age of your car is another factor that can determine how long a compressor will be able to do its job. Newer cars have air-conditioning systems that are considered reliable, so major issues are rare, but as a car's age and mileage add up, you can expect parts to fail or malfunction.  This will result in little or no cool air coming from the system.

Problems with the Electrical System

The air-conditioning system in your car is a maze of wires, fuses, relays and pressure switches that work in unison to provide safe operation under normal conditions. If one of these components become defective or fail, the system will shut itself down to prevent damage to the system or unsafe conditions for the vehicle's operator.   

Don't Lose Your Cool: Let Spieler's Inc. Service Your A/C

As long as your car is running well, many of us do not think about all of the moving parts that bring us comfort in the summer. There are different things that can go wrong with your vehicle's A/C system. If you find your vehicle's air-conditioning system is blowing warm air or not working properly, bring it to the best car dealership in Jefferson CitySpieler's Inc. can service your vehicle's air conditioner to keep you cool all summer long!

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