Friday, July 5, 2019

What You Need to Bring Along When Car Shopping

Do you know what all you need to have with you when you buy a car? Most people don’t or if they do some of these things are easy forgotten. Spieler’s Incorporated would like to remind you with this handy list of things you will need when you are looking for your new ride at the best car dealer in mid mo.

Documentation Needed to Test Drive

Driver’s License

If you find a vehicle you wish to test drive, the first item needed is a copy of your driver’s license. The dealership will keep this on record while you are out driving their vehicle.

Current Vehicle Insurance

Before you can take off in a car for a test drive, you will also need to show the salesperson proof of current auto insurance for their records. A dealer wants to make sure that you are insured if something were to happen while you are driving one of their vehicles around town.

Paperwork for a Purchase

Payment Information

Whether you are receiving financing for the vehicle you plan to purchase, or paying upfront, you will need to get your payment strategy solidified. If you wish to get pre-approved from a lender, you can bring proof of that with you to the dealer. Many car dealerships provide financing services, in which they can help you find a bank that can do a loan on the vehicle you wish to purchase.

If You Have A Trade-In

Trade-In Title

If you plan to trade your current vehicle in when purchasing a new one, be sure to bring the title with you to the dealership. A trade in cannot happen without the proper title work performed. Check your title over and ensure there is not a co-signer, if there is, that individual will need to sign the title as well.

Proof of Insurance

You will have to provide proof of insurance on a new vehicle before driving it off the lot, if it is financed. A simple phone call can be made to your insurance agent so they can get the paperwork squared away. If you have proof of full coverage on the vehicle you are trading-in, the dealership may accept that as proof of insurance. If this is the case, contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to ensure your new car is properly covered.

Another Helpful Tip

Clean Out Your Trade-In

To save you time at the dealership, ensure all personal belongings are removed from the vehicle you plan to trade-in. You will be excited to get in your new ride and drive away, don’t let this task slow you down.

Now that you know that to bring with you when you are out car shopping head to our California, Mo dealership and find your next car. Once you find that perfect one your transaction will be smooth since you have all the items and documents you need. At Spieler’s Incorporated you will find we make car buying easy.

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