Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Noteworthy Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

Buying a car is a BIG DEAL, especially if it's the first time you're doing so. For many, a car is the first major financial responsibility. Whether you are looking to purchase new or buy a pre-owned car in mid-MO, these tips can come in handy. Here at Spieler's Inc., we pride ourselves on offering friendly advice for all - from the most experienced car buyer to a first-timer. As the best car dealership in California, MO, we are out to help our customers make the best decisions when buying a car. Take a look below for some quick tips for all you first-time car buyers out there!

Think About Needs

When it comes to buying your first car, think about what you need in a vehicle. Also, do some searching for what is most important to you for your car to have. Whether it's a certain feature, good gas mileage, or a specific color, it's important to know what you want and need in a ride.

Establish a Budget

Your budget is a major factor in buying a car. Establish how much you can afford to put toward a vehicle each month. In addition, you may need to consult the finance department to see what amount you are approved for. The price point can now help lead your search as you find the right car.

Narrow Down Your Search

Now that you know the features you want and your price point, you can start narrowing down vehicle options near you. Visit our website to see our current new and used selection online, if you want to see what's available before you visit us in person.

Schedule a Test Drive

Before you purchase, it's important to test drive the vehicle. This can give you a good idea of the fit and feel of the new ride. Get familiar with the vehicle before you make the investment to purchase.

Finalize Financing

After you decide which car to purchase, you will need to get your financing in order. This process can be a bit challenging, but our finance options can help. No matter what your credit situation, we have financing options available for you.


The most important part of buying a car is to make it fun! This is an exciting step and should be one you look back upon with fond memories. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Spieler's Incorporated offers a fun and friendly car buying experience for everyone. We work hard to help educate our customers about each car and help them narrow down the right option for their needs. From features to budget, we can help you find the perfect car to buy in mid-MO. We look forward to helping you buy your first car!

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