Thursday, January 4, 2018

Resolution Ideas for Your Ride

Have you set your New Year's resolutions for 2018 yet? If you haven't, it's not too late! Your vehicle is a major investment and it should be cared for properly. As the new year starts, this is the perfect time to make vehicle maintenance a priority - after all, you likely heavily rely on your vehicle as your main transportation source. As the best car dealership in California, MO, we've provided some great ideas to put at the top of your resolution list for 2018!

Set Reminders for Oil Changes

Getting your oil changed on a regular basis can help keep your engine running like it should. Over time the oil can become dirty and cause grime to build up inside your engine. To avoid a major engine issue, ensure your oil is changed on a regular basis. Set calendar reminders on your phone or pay close attention to the oil change sticker on your vehicle to make sure you don't go over the suggested mileage or time limit.

Regularly Check Your Tire Pressure

To promote even tire wear, ensure your tire pressure is at the suggested PSI on all four tires. A low tire can cause the tire to wear unevenly and your vehicle to not drive balanced. Especially during the cold months, it's important to check your tire pressure on a regular basis.

Wash Your Car Often

Your vehicle's exterior is a major factor when it comes time to sell or trade-in. Don't skimp on the car washes to clear your paint from debris that builds up over time. To help protect your paint, ensure you wash your vehicle on a regular basis. Even though it may be hard to find a day to wash in the winter, it's very important to wash the road debris and salt off your ride as often as possible.

Drive More Fuel Efficiently

You may not think about fuel efficiency when driving on a daily basis. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can improve the fuel efficiency you currently get. Try to reduce the rate of acceleration and drive the speed limit once you get up to speed. Highway driving versus stop and go in town can improve the fuel efficiency.

Take Care of Warning Lights

If a warning light pops up on your dash, get it addressed in a timely manner. Schedule a maintenance check to get this issue addressed. It's best to make a small repair along the way versus a major repair from neglecting a small issue. If the light comes on, give us a call!

Vehicle maintenance is vital to your ride running smooth. This year keep these vehicle resolutions at the top of your list. For all of your regular maintenance needs, visit our car dealership in California, MO. Give Spieler's Inc. a call today to schedule your next car maintenance check! We look forward to helping you keep your ride running great this year!

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