Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tips for a Safe Halloween

With the festive holiday quickly approaching, it's time to remember safety tips for Halloween. As your trusted car dealership near Jefferson City, MO, we know how important it is to bring your family out for a fun night of trick-or-treating. As exciting as it is to get dressed up and stock up on candy, the holiday presents a number of dangers for pedestrians and drivers alike. Spieler's Inc. has provided some safety tips for your upcoming trick-or-treating excursions.


1) Create costumes that are easy to see, especially at night.
2) Give your kids glow-sticks or flashlights to be easily seen.
3) Look both ways before crossing a road.
4) Stick to the sidewalks when trick-or-treating through a neighborhood.
5) Make sure children are supervised by a responsible adult.
6) Use cross walks or traffic lights to safely cross the road, when available.
7) Keep your eyes peeled for cars that are backing up or turning, they may not be able to see you.
8) Don't walk around distracted by your phone or other device.
9) Make sure kids can see clearly with their costume on.
10) Wait for a driver to wave you across, before crossing the road in front of a vehicle.


1) Slow down, especially in event parking lots and through neighborhoods.
2) Ensure your headlights are on, even when the sun in still out for easier visibility.
3) Watch for kids darting out into the roadway.
4) Use caution when backing out of your driveway or parking spot - there may be children in your blind spot.
5) Take your time when turning onto a road.
6) Keep an eye on the side of the road for pedestrians, even if there are sidewalks available.
7) Look both ways for trick-or-treaters when crossing an intersection.
8) Always designate a driver if you are partaking in an adult Halloween party.
9) Plan ahead for heavy foot traffic and leave with plenty of time.
10) Avoid speeding which leads to a slower stop time, especially on Halloween night.

Whether you're heading to a truck-or-treat gathering or sticking to your own neighborhood this Halloween, don't forget these safety tips. When preparing for your holiday events, remember to discuss safety with anyone driving or walking around this Halloween. From your California, MO car dealership - we wish you and yours a happy and SAFE Halloween!

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