Monday, October 23, 2017

Clear Benefits of Washing Your Car

Do you dread washing your car? Maybe you feel like it always rains and ruins your shiny paint after a good wash. You are not alone in these feelings, but there are still plenty of benefits of taking car of your car's exterior with regular washes. Our California, MO car dealership knows how important it is to keep your ride in tip-top shape for the best possible value when it comes time to trade in or sell. Regular car care should be a part of your weekly tasks to ensure your ride's paint is clean and well-protected. Take a look below to see some of the benefits of regular car washes, that you may not think of.

Protect the Clear Coat

A clear coat helps to seal in your paint and keep it protected. It's important to keep this clear coat from wearing down faster than normal with regular washes. Weather, driving conditions, temperature fluctuation, and many other factors can impact your clear coat. Try to make efforts to keep this protective layer in top condition by washing your vehicle.

Reduce Chance of Scratches

Dirt can build up on your vehicle very quickly, even if it is not visible. These dirt particles can scratch your clear coat, which may lead to a deeper blemish in your ride's paint. In addition to dirt, leaves, acorns, and ice can all cause scratches to your vehicle. Try to keep your paint clean to reduce the amount of small scratches in your paint's surface.

Clear View When Driving

It may seem like an obvious benefit, but it is definitely an important one for safety. A clean car is much easier to see out of, when navigating the roadways. Make efforts to keep all windows clear of dirt and debris for a safe driving experience for everyone. Mud or dirt on your back window may seem unimportant, but it actually is vital when looking in your rear-view mirror.

Stand Out on the Roadway

Your vehicle may be easier for other drivers to see if it is clean and shiny. As the sun glistens off your paint, it's easier for others to spot as you travel down the road. Try not to blend in with the background by keeping your ride shiny!

Improve Your Confidence

A vehicle is a major investment and you should take pride in that accomplishment. Keeping your ride clean can help give you that extra confidence boost you need. Catch the eye of others on the roadway and let onlookers admire your sparkling ride in the parking lot. It can do wonders for your confidence!

Now that you know a little more about the benefits of a clean car, you're ready to make efforts for regular washes. As your trusted car dealership near Jefferson City, MO, we know how good it feels to drive around in a freshly cleaned car and we want you to have that same feeling too! If you're getting tired of cleaning the same vehicle over and over, it may be time for an upgrade. Visit our car lot in California, Missouri to see our current selection of new and pre-owned vehicles available. You never know.... you may find your new favorite ride to drive and keep clean!

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