Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

In honor of National Pet Month (May), we're dedicating this week's blog to traveling with your pets. Here at Spieler's Inc, we know how important your pets are to you - they are part of the family! To make traveling with your furry friends a bit more convenient, the best car dealer in mid-MO has provided some tips below. Next time you load up your pets for a trip, consider the following tips!

Check Up

Before heading out on a long trip, it's important to ensure your pet's up to date on all medical requirements. Schedule a check up for your dog or cat, before hitting the road. This can help ensure they are in healthy condition to be traveling and exploring new places.

Don't Forget the Essentials

Ensure you pack enough food and treats for your furry friend. It can be an adjustment to change foods, if you don't bring the same kind from home. This may upset your pet's stomach. Also bring any toys or blankets that they are attached to. Bringing familiar items can help them become settled more quickly in their new surroundings, whether it be the car or your destination.

Leash & Collar

Your pet's leash & collar are important items to bring on your trip. Make sure your pets information and contact numbers are located on the collar, should your pet run off. Also make sure the leash is in good condition, to prevent a break.


Water is vital to keep your pet hydrated and healthy. Keep plenty of water in your vehicle, when traveling with pets. To prevent dehydration, ensure your animals are drinking plenty of water, while road tripping.

Stop Often

Keep your pets active, even on a long road trip. This can be accomplished by making pit stops, often. Encourage your pets to go for a quick walk, go the bathroom, and get a drink, when you stop.

Never Leave Pets in Car Alone

Especially in the summer months, avoid leaving your pet in a car unattended. The heat inside your vehicle can creep up very quickly, to a dangerous level. To avoid overheating your pet, ensure they are cool enough in a vehicle, and don't leave them alone in the car, when traveling.

Are you ready to plan your next road trip with your furry friends? Now that you have these helpful safety and convenience tips, you are ready to hit the road with your family pet. From keeping plenty of water on hand to stopping for breaks, there are a number of ways to make traveling easy for you and your pets. It's important to keep your pet comfortable, especially when on a road trip. Your trusted car dealership in California, MO is here for all of your travel tips, pets included!

If you're ready to hit the road with your entire family in tow, as well as your pet (of course!), you may be thinking about buying a car in mid-MO. We've got TONS of vehicle options and the perfect one for you at Spieler's Incorporated. Stop by our family-owned Chrysler, Dodge, & Jeep dealership in central MO to see our selection today! Our staff can show you around and assist you with a test drive of any vehicle on our lot.

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