Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tips for a Road Trip with Kids

With the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, a number of people will be traveling out of town. With the increased number of people on the highway, you may likely be one of them! The best car dealership in mid-MO is here for all of your road trip needs. From helping you get your oil changed to replacing your tires before you hit the road, we can help you prepare your ride. After your ride is ready to go, it's important that your vehicle occupants are ready for the trip as well. Spieler's Inc. has provided some tips for your next road trip with the kids.

Safety First

Did you know 3 out of 4 car seats are not installed properly? Before your take off, ensure your kids are safe and comfortable. Whether your little ones are in car seats or older, it's important that they are securely fastened in their seats. Try to keep your children comfortable too. They may tend to be less restless if they can comfortably ride in the vehicle.

Provide Entertainment

Another important tip is to have entertainment for your children handy. From DVD players stocked with their favorite movies to hands on activities, keep a wide variety of entertainment options available for your next road trip. If you run out of ideas, you can always try to play the license plate game or alphabet game, as you drive to your destination.

Keep Snacks Handy

Just like at home, your kids may tend to need a snack every few hours. Be sure to pack plenty of their favorites for your next road trip. From crackers to dried fruit, there are a number of easily portable snacks available. Along with snacks, make sure you have enough water for your trip, as well.

Allow Time For Stops

When you plan out your route, be sure to plan adequate time for plenty of stops. From bathroom breaks to stretching your legs, it's important to stop on a regular basis and let your kids get a little exercise. Many road side parks have a nice walking path, jungle gyms, and restrooms, ideal for your next road trip.

Strategically Pack

When packing your car, try to keep the comfort of your passengers in mind.  If space allows, keep all unnecessary bags in the truck or back of the vehicle. Also try to distribute the weight of your luggage and passengers evenly. This can help promote a smoother ride for all.

Ready to hit the road now? If you and your family plan to head out of town this holiday weekend, ensure your vehicle and family is prepared. From packing snacks for the kids to planning time for frequent stops, it's important to be ready for your next road trip. Your trusted car dealer in California, MO is here to ensure your vehicle is ready to roll this weekend. Give us a call to schedule your service before your next road trip!

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