Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What's the Difference Between a Sun & Moonroof?

Is a sunroof / moonroof on your list of features you want in your next ride? While the two terms are usually used interchangeably, there is a difference between a moonroof and a sunroof. Your trusted car dealer in mid-Missouri can help you find a new or used vehicle, with the feature you are after. Spieler's Inc. has dedicated this week's blog to comparing the two roof features, you can find in our vehicles.


A piece of glass that can be moved to open, is known as a sunroof. Most sunroofs are completely transparent, to allow as much light is as possible. They usually slide or tilt open, to let the natural elements into your vehicle. Whether you want to feel the wind in your hair or let the sun shine into your ride, a sun roof is the way to go! There are a number of sunroof options available, some of which we have included below.

Types of Sunroofs

Pop Up: Manually operated glass that pops out when it the open position. Sometimes these types of sunroofs can be entirely removed.

Built In: Fully automatic and slides between the car's roof, when opened. These will sometimes come with a bonus feature that includes a sun shade, auto close, vents, and more.

Tilt and Slide: A combination of sliding back and popping up, this option allows for different variations of and open sunroof.

Top Mount: This type will slide back on the rails, mounted on the top of the car's roof. Typically this sun roof option comes with a wind deflector, that can reduce the amount of wind noise, as you travel down the road.

Panoramic: A large or multi paneled glass that offers openings at the front and rear seats. This type can be fixed glass panels or functioning, depending on the vehicle.

Foldable: Some European cars may feature sun roofs that collapse back, similar to the way convertible tops fold back. They are made of fabric and open wider than a glass sunroof.

Moon Roof

A moonroof is a stationary piece of glass, usually tinted, that allows light to enter the cabin of your car, truck, SUV, or van. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sky, without having to open a window. No matter what the temperature is outside, you can allow the natural sun light into your vehicle!

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