Tuesday, April 18, 2017

9 Quick Tips to Improve Fuel Efficency

A number of drivers are interested in saving money on fuel expenses. Finding easy ways to decrease your fuel usage is not only good for your pocket book, it's good for the environment too! Here at Spieler's Incorporated, we know how important it is to cut back on your fuel expense. If you're interested in saving some dough at the pump, take a look at the tips provided below by the best car dealer in mid-Missouri.

1) Remove Baggage

An easy way to improve your fuel efficiency, is to lighten your load. Remove any unnecessary items from your vehicle, that may weigh it down. From extra bags you keep forgetting to take out to random boxes full of stuff in the back, removing these items can help improve your fuel efficiency, by simply cleaning out your vehicle.

2) Reduce Wind Resistance

While it may not be practical at all times, try to avoid traveling a long distance with an item that causes wind resistance. Any items on your luggage racks or large items in the bed of a truck can put a drag on your vehicle, causing it to consume more fuel.

3) Shift Smoothly

Heavy braking and accelerating at a quick pace can put a damper on your fuel efficiency. Try to shift smooth and drive with caution, when traveling in your vehicle. This is an easy way to increase your fuel efficiency.

4) Don't Rev 

While it may be tempting, don't rev your engine. This is simply a waste of gasoline, which puts a drain on your wallet.

5) Keep an Eye on Speed

Speeding causes an over use of gasoline, as your vehicle has to use more fuel to get up to speed. Try to keep your speed at the recommended MPH for the road in which you are traveling on.

6) Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your engine can help to keep your fuel usage in check. If there is something wrong with your ride, it may cause your fuel consumption to rise. It's a good idea to know what fuel economy your vehicle gets, that way if it suddenly gets higher, you know it bring it into get maintenance.

7) Roll Down Hills

Gravity is on your side, when you're driving down a hill. You can let off the gas and coast down many hills. This can help counteract the fuel consumption that is required to get UP the hill. Don't use unnecessary gas to accelerate down a hill, when you will get down it either way.

8) Avoid Heavy Traffic

Stop & go traffic can lead to a higher amount of fuel consumption. If you can, avoid rush hour traffic, where you have to accelerate and brake often. This can help reduce the amount of fuel used to navigate to your destination.

9) Plan Your Errands

Driving less will reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle will consume. Try to plan your daily errands so they can be achieved in one trip, therefore lowering your drive time and being more fuel efficient.

Now that you know some easy ways to increase your fuel efficiency, you're ready to start implementing these changes into your everyday driving technique. From monitoring your fuel intake to avoiding stop and go traffic, you will be well on your way to saving money on your gas consumption. Your trusted car dealer near Jefferson City, MO, is here for all of your car sales and maintenance needs.

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