Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Evolution of St. Patrick's Day

Most of us know that St. Patrick's Day is a widely-celebrated holiday, although many are not familiar with the orgin. Like many things, St Paddy's has evolved over time. The best car dealer in mid-Missouri knows all about evolution - we have been selling cars since 1968 and things have changed around here too! To start with, we want to share a little about how this holiday has changed over time. Provided below, by Spieler's Incorporated, are a few ways St. Patrick's Day has evolved.

The Orgin

Saint Patrick was origionally born in Britain, from where he later moved to Ireland. He became a priest in the 5th century and devoted his life to spreading the word. The "lucky" shamrocks that we use to celebrate the holiday today, were symbolic to St. Patrick as the holy trinity. New perspectives on beliefs were brought about in Ireland, because of Saint Patrick.

The Celebrations Begin

By the 9th and 10th century, the people of Ireland celebrated this day to honor Saint Patrick, as a religous holiday. St. Patrick's Day become an official holiday in Ireland in 1903. People of Ireland would celebrate this day by attending parades, as well as mass to honor their Saint. Until 1970, this national holiday meant that pubs would be closed for business on March 17th.

The Craze Took Off

 In the 1990's the celebration took a turn in Ireland, where people now celebrate Irish traditions and honor their heritage, more than celebrate for religious reasons. Since about one-third of Americans claim an Irish heritage, the celebration naturally made it's way into the United States, where parades and large celebrations are held on a yearly basis. There is an annual parade held in New York City, one of the largest attended parades in the country. Chicago does their part to celebrate as well - they dye the river green, as it flows through the city. You can find St. Patrick's Day celebrations in almost every city across the United States.

The Evolution at Spieler's Inc. 

Just like St. Paddy's Day has changed throughout the years, our car dealership in California, MO has done the same, evolved and kept up with current vehicle trends. As the vehicles change and progress and the technology improves over time, we move right along with the changes. The one thing that hasn't changed, is our family-driven values. We are a family-owned business and we treat our customers like friends. No matter what your situation is, we can work with you to find a great vehicle to fit the wants and needs of your family. Whether you are in the market buy a new vehicle in mid-Missouri or need your current ride serviced, stop by Spieler's Incorporated. Our friendly staff can help get you fixed up and ready to roll on down the highway!

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