Thursday, March 9, 2017

5 Vital Tips for Driving in the Rain

With spring right around the corner, it is important to be prepared to drive during a rain shower or thunder storm. Along with the crisp air and budding flowers, spring brings rain storms too. We want to help keep you safe on the roadways this spring. Your trusted car dealer in mid-Missouri is here to point out some safety tips for driving while it is raining. To learn how to improve your driving safety on wet pavement, see the information provided by Spieler's Inc.

1) Turn on Lights

Even if your lights are automatic, you may need to manually turn them on during day-time a rain storm. This helps you see the roadway better and increases the visibility of your vehicle, to others on the road. Many states, Missouri included, require drivers to turn head lights on while it is raining.

2) Slow Down

When the pavement is wet, it is critical to slow down. Your tires may struggle to keep full contact with the pavement, if you are traveling at a high rate of speed. Slowing down can also help you see the roadway better, especially if you are driving in a downpour.

3) Increase Following Distance

It can be harder for your vehicle to come to a quick stop on wet pavement. That is why you should always increase your following distance from the vehicle in front of you, to help give you a longer reaction time to bring your car to a stop, if needed. This can also help increase visibility because vehicles throw off water and kick up roadway precipitation, making it difficult for you to see, if you follow too closely.

4) Avoid Cruise Control

The chance of loosing control of your vehicle increases if you use cruise control, while the pavement is wet. If your vehicle hydroplanes, while the cruise control is set, your tires will continue spinning quickly, even if they are not in contact with the pavement. Often times this leads to a dangerous situation.

5) Keep Calm

It is important to be calm and not panic if you do start to lose control, while driving on wet pavement. Continue steering the vehicle in the direction you intend to go and avoid slamming on the breaks. If the rain is too heavy for you to feel comfortable driving, find a safe place to exit the roadway, preferably in a business parking lot, not the side of the road where you run the risk of being struck by a moving vehicle.

Now that you know some safety tips for driving during the rain, you are ready to hit the road, no matter what the weather forecast has in store. While it is best to avoid driving during serious weather, a rain shower should not stop you from traveling to your destination. It is best to drive on new tires, especially in the rain. The new tire tread helps to push water out of the way, in order for the tire to make full contact with the pavement. If your ride needs new tires this spring, contact the Spieler's Incorporated for all of your needs for vehicle maintenance in mid-Missouri.

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