Friday, January 13, 2017

Truck Cab Style Options

While you may have already decided on purchasing a truck in mid-Missouri, now is the time to decide which cab option is going to fit your wants and needs in a vehicle. Although there are different names for each cab style, your trusted car dealer in mid-Missouri has provided further details on each cab option. To see what truck types we have in stock, visit Spieler’s Incorporated!

Standard Cab

Ideal for a work truck or those who do not need much room for passengers, a standard cab may be the perfect fit. Also known as a single cab, this style offers two seat options, two bucket seats or one bench seat. Three passengers are typically the most a standard cab can safely haul. A single cab is often used as a company work or a farm truck for hauling equipment around.

Extended Cab

An extended cab is the next step up into a full-sized pickup. While this cab type offers a second row of seating, it extends the number of passenger space and interior space. An extended cab does not have a full sized back door; it is typically opened via the front door. An extended cab is ideal for a family or a work vehicle.

Crew Cab

A crew cab, or four-door pick-up truck makes for a convenient entrance and exit, for all passengers. Whether your entire work crew needs a ride to a job site or your family is packing up for a road trip, a crew cab from Spieler’s Inc. can help meet all of your hauling needs.

Mega Cab

An extended crew cab, known as a mega cab, offers a spacious ride for all passengers with a larger interior space. For the largest cab option to haul your passengers and other items with ease, consider a mega cab from our truck lineup.

Although the names may have been hard to distinguish between before, you are now prepared to start your search for a new truck in California, MO with your new-found knowledge. If you are in the market to buy a new truck this winter, contact the best car dealership in mid-Missouri to help you in your search. Here at Spieler’s Inc., our staff is full of knowledge and has a vast level of experience for helping YOU find the truck of your dreams! If you want to schedule a test drive with us, call our sales team at 573-796-3129. We look forward to helping your find a new truck this winter!

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