Thursday, January 19, 2017

Emergency Car Kit for Winter

Driving during the winter months in mid-Missouri can be interesting! From sunny and 50 degrees one day to a freezing rain storm the next, the weather is quite unpredictable! Since it is hard to know what the weather will present from day to day, it is important to always be prepared. Your trusted car dealer near California, MO is here with a list of things to keep in your vehicle this winter. You can find a list for items to keep on hand for your emergency car kit below!


If you happen to experience bad weather, and slide off the road at night, a flashlight can help! From seeing the damage to your vehicle to flagging down help, a light can come in quite handy if you get stranded, while driving.


If your vehicle gets stuck during a winter storm, you may be inside your car for a while. A blanket can help keep you and your family warm if you have to wait in the car for help to come. If you have to walk a little way for help in the winter, an added layer of a blanket can never hurt!

Jumper Cables-

Whether it is simply the cold temperature or a low-charge, there are a number of reasons for your vehicle to not start, especially during the winter months. A set up jumper cables can come in handy if you have another vehicle that can jump your battery.

Water & Food-

Try to keep a supply of water and non-perishable food items in your back seat or trunk in case of an emergency. If the roads are bad or you get stuck, it may be a while before you are back moving. It is important to stay hydrated and have plenty of food to tie you and your family over, until you can get back on the road.

First Aid Kit-

A first aid kit is an important item to have in your vehicle all year long. If you or anyone in your vehicle gets an injury, caring for it can help jump start healing. It is also convenient to have for an injury that may occur outside the vehicle, but there if you need it!

Ice Scraper-

This may seem like a winter time staple, but an ice scraper can help keep your windshield and windows clear of ice that may accumulate. A clear view is imperative for a safe drive, especially during the winter months!

Shovel & Sand-

If your vehicle does happen to get stuck, a shovel can help you clear snow away from your tire to help it gain traction on the ground. Sand can also help get traction if the snow is too deep or there is ice involved. If you are worried about getting stuck, try to keep a little sand in your vehicle to help you get traction during the winter months.

Winter Driving Tips:

-Increase following distance.
-Try to avoid slick roads.
-Drive slow when roads are bad.
-Keep gas tank as full as possible.

While most advise to stay off the roads when they are bad, sometimes your personal situation does not allow. If you must travel on slick roads this winter, remember to prepare your emergency car kit! Also keep the winter driving tips in mind, when traveling on roads that are snow or ice covered. Remember, our car dealership near Jefferson City, MO wants to ensure you stay safe on the roadways this winter!

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