Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Family Road Trips

Are you hitting the road this Thanksgiving to visit friends and family out of town? Visiting family around the holidays help make it special and memorable. The best car dealer in mid-Missouri knows it can be a bit stressful to travel with kids. Provided below, by Spieler’s Incorporated, are some helpful tips to keep your entire family content as you travel down the highway to attend your Thanksgiving gatherings.

Provide Entertainment

From music to games, try to provide a number of entertainment options for kids on your road trip. Children can quickly become bored or restless in a vehicle for an extended period of time. A portable DVD player can keep the little ones busy for about two hours at a time. For the more traditional family, involve the entire family in a road trip game, such as eye-spy or the license plate game.

Bring Snacks & Drinks

To save money at gas stations and fast-food restaurants, bring snacks to keep the entire family content. You do not want to experience a hungry (and cranky) child on a long stretch of highway with limited food options. In addition to snacks, pack a small cooler with drinks to keep everyone hydrated.

Prepare for Spills

It is inevitable when eating and drinking in a vehicle, there will be an accidental spill. Keep napkins handy to soak up any liquids. Also keep wet wipes around to help keep your child’s hands and face clean when snacking on a road trip.

Pack the Vehicle Strategically

When preparing for a road trip with the family, thoughtfully pack the vehicle. It is important to evenly distribute weight throughout car, for a balanced ride. If the luggage does not fit in the trunk or back of the vehicle, place other bags with the comfort of passengers in mind. Try to give everyone enough room to stretch and move, as they ride in the car on a long trip.

As you hit the road in your new car from Spieler’s Inc., you are now prepared to not only survive, but enjoy your road trip with your family. Keep some of these tips in mind when packing the vehicle for your trip over the Thanksgiving weekend. When the kids are content, you will be able to relax a little and enjoy your trip to visit friends and family.

You may realize it is time for a vehicle upgrade, as you spend time in it when traveling. Whether you wish for more room in which you family can spread out or a vehicle with better fuel efficiency, your trusted car dealership in mid-Missouri can help find a new ride to meet your needs. After all, there is another holiday right around the corner and you may be making that same road trip. Spieler’s Inc. can hook you up with a new ride before your next holiday trip out of town.

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