Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Myths of Buying A Vehicle

The world is full of false assumptions and myths, especially when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Your trusted car dealer in mid-Missouri is here to help you clarify what actually happens at the dealership and during the car buying process. Provided below, by Spieler’s Incorporated, are some common misconceptions about buying a car, and the reality behind these statements.

Myth #1- Dealer Financing is More Expensive

Often times, dealerships have multiple financing options available to find you the best deal for your particular situation. With various loan options, comes competitive interest rates and other discounts. A dealership can also offer manufacturers incentives, unlike a traditional loan source.

Myth #2 – Withholding Trade In Information

The best policy is to be completely upfront with your sales person. He or she wants to help you find a vehicle to meet your wants and needs, which includes financial stipulations. Negotiating a price and thing springing the information of a trade in will not necessarily get you a better deal. This can also slow the financial process down, if a trade in is not disclosed upfront.

Myth #3- It is Better to Buy on a Rainy Day

It is actually best to car shop when the dealership is not busy, that way you get the assistance you need, from start to finish. Many people have heard that buying on a rainy day is best, therefore the dealership is usually busier on dreary days. Even when the dealership is slow, that does not mean you will get a better deal on your purchase.

Myth #4 – Bring a Cashier’s Check for Exact Amount Want to Spend

If you bring a cashier’s check that is already filled out, you are hindering your vehicle purchase options. Once you calculate sales tax, transaction fees, and other variables, the price you pay can be lower or higher than the amount written on the check. To allow yourself the greatest number of vehicle options, make your negotiations, then get a cashier’s check for the accurate amount.

Myth #5 – Salespeople Don’t Need Approval

Many car shoppers think the sales person is being dramatic when they have to go talk with the general manager during the negotiation process. It is true that sales people do not have a lot of leeway with pricing on a vehicle and they really do need to get approval when negotiating.

Now that we have cleared up some of the myths swirling around out there, you can rest assured that we are here to make our customer’s car buying experience in a success. Whether you are after a new ride or a gently used model, Spieler’s Inc. can help you find the right vehicle for your wants and needs. Our no-pressure sales staff will be pleased to work with you when buying a car in mid-Missouri.

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