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Vehicle Interiors: Comparing Cloth and Leather Seats

When you have made the decision to purchase a new vehicle at your Jefferson City car dealership, you are likely to have quite a few choice to make including vehicle make and model, color selection, and deciding between cloth and leather seats. Spieler's Inc. has a large selection of vehicles to choose from and we want you to be happy with your decision. Today, we are going to discuss the differences between cloth and leather seats. Here is a comparison between the two types of interior materials:


Leather will generally always cost you more. Some car buyers may not know that there are more than
one type of leather, which can affect the price of the vehicle. The quality of the leather can range from "faux" to brushed to top-grain, and in some high-end vehicles, the luxuriously soft Nappa leather.

Hot Weather

One downfall to leather is how how it gets in summer months. Unlike cloth, leather absorbs heat. According to the National Safe Kids Campaigns, skin that touches a car-seat surface over 150 degrees Fahrenheit can be severely burned in one second. When it comes to hot weather, clo th tends can be less dangerous!

Cold Weather

Just as leather can be hot in the summer, it is cold in the winter months, if your car hasn't had ample time to warm up. Automakers have found a solution by providing heated leather seats in many of their luxury vehicles and higher-end models. This can make the vehicle a bit more pricey, but for some people well worth it.


Top-grain leather typically wipes clean unlike cloth unless you remember to Scotchguard them first. many cloth stains such as mud or food will clean up easily, but liquids such as ink, blood, and motor oil never fully disappear, although upholstery cleaner can help. Lower quality leathers can be susceptible to staining, but usually not as bad as cloth interior. 


Leather has a pleasant distinct aroma that most people associate with that familiar "new car" smell. Cloth tends to absorb unwanted odors because it is porous. Urine, vomit, spoiled milk, etc. can soak all the way into the cushions. The smell can stay in your car indefinitely.  


Leather requires continual maintenance. It needs to be cleaned and conditioned with specific products or it will eventually show signs of wear due to sweat, dust, and dirt. Without conditioning, it can harden and possibly crack. Cloth may also need some maintenance including periodic vacuuming, and steam cleaning.


Leather comfort depends on the quality. Lower end leather can be hard and uncomfortable, while pricier leather can be as comfortable as sitting on your couch at home. Most people find cloth comfortable, as you don't slide around or stick to it on hot days.


Cars are probably not the best place for allergy sufferers for several reasons, including open windows that bring the outdoors inside, swirling winds while driving, and the cleanliness of a car compared to a home. If you or your family member have allergies, you may want to consider leather. Pet dander, dust, and other allergens can settle into the cloth fabric, while leather you can wipe them clean. Of course, even vehicles with leather seats have carpeted floors, so they can only reduce allergens, not prevent them.

Choose From Spieler's Inc. Large Selection of Vehicles

Many times, choosing between cloth and leather interior comes down to a personal and financial decision. Both have very different qualities. When you buy a vehicle at your Jefferson City auto dealership, come to Spieler's Inc. for a vast selection of vehicles with many interior features to choose from.  

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