Monday, May 16, 2016

Is a Diesel-Powered Vehicle Right For You?

When you consider buying a car in Jefferson City, you have many options. Many vehicles are available with diesel engines. Most people think of trucks and other large, heavy vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, construction vehicles and school buses when they think of diesel-powered vehicles. However, passenger cars with diesel engines are becoming more popular, and car makers are rapidly making more of them. Spieler's Inc. has a selection of vehicles with diesel engines that provide our customers with fuel efficiency and power. Below are some things to consider in a diesel engine:

Fuel Efficiency

One of the main reasons people choose a diesel vehicle is the improved fuel efficiency. CarsDirect reports that a diesel car will frequently get about 30 percent more miles per gallon than the same car with a gas-powered engine. However, diesel fuel is generally more expensive than gasoline. Fortunately, because of the increased fuel efficiency, your trips to the pump will be less frequent. Even with the increased cost of diesel fuel, you can expect to pay less overall each year. Something to note, is that not all gas stations offer diesel fuel. It is important that you do not let your fuel tank get too low when traveling because only about 50 percent of all gas stations have diesel fuel pumps, according to Business Insider. If you drive a majority of the time on highways, driving a diesel-fueled vehicle could save you a lot of money in fuel costs. Diesel engines excel in highway miles, as opposed to frequent stopping and starting at traffic lights and stop signs. 

Vehicle Maintenance

In some ways, diesel-fueled engines require less maintenance. This is because these vehicles do not require spark plugs or distributors, which means there will be no need for an ignition tune up. However, routine auto maintenance, such as oil changes, along with air, oil and fuel filter changes is absolutely necessary. Failure to keep a diesel engine maintained with regular care can result in extreme circumstances. The fuel injection system can break down and require costly repairs. A certified Jefferson City auto dealership can provide service for diesel vehicles.

Engine Power

It is no wonder so many trucks have diesel engines. They can produce a high amount of low-end torque and have far better towing capabilities. If you frequently use a tow to haul very heavy items, then a diesel-powered engine is recommended over a gas-powered engine. Keep in mind, increased torque results in decreased horsepower. This means that a diesel-fueled car does not have as much get up and go. However, the engines are powerful and long-lasting.

Smoothness of Ride

Until recently, diesel-powered vehicles had the reputation of being smelly, noisy, and unstable. Today's diesel cars take advantage of current technology and building methods that make for a much quieter and smoother ride. Despite these improvements, if you are used to a gasoline-powered engine, you may not think a diesel-powered vehicle is as smooth or quiet, as they can occasionally make a clacking or clattering sound. 

Spieler's Inc. has a Selection of Diesel-Powered and Gas-Powered Vehicles For You to Choose From

There are several things to consider before you arrive at the auto dealership in Jefferson City. It is ultimately your decision, whether a diesel vehicle is right for you.  Whether you are looking for heavy duty and fuel efficient or you are a frequent city driver, Spieler's Inc. has a vehicle to meet your needs! Come in and talk to our trained sales staff today.

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