Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tips to Be Prepared For Your Next Road Trip

Spring Break is coming and for some people that means a road trip. Don’t cut your trip short with unnecessary stops for car maintenance. Before your trip, take your vehicle to a car dealership in Jefferson City for a checkup, and some basic inspections. With some preventive maintenance, you can be prepared for your adventure. Here are some tips to follow before you hit the road:

Do a Basic Checkup
Perform a basic inspection on your vehicle. Check that windshield wipers are functioning properly and fill any fluids that may be low. Make an appointment at your Jefferson City car dealership for an oil change and any other necessary tune ups. When your vehicle is in top shape, it has a better chance of performing and staying reliable during your trip.

Inspect Your Tires

Look for any tears or bulges in the side walls of your tires. Make sure you have plenty of tread on your tires and the pressure is correct. Match the tire pressure to the number printed inside the driver's side door jam or owner's manual. 

Check the Battery

Your battery power should be strong and the terminals clean for the best performance. A battery that is clean lasts longer than a dirty one. A little baking soda and water will clean it up. If you see major cracks in the battery case or obvious corrosion, replace the battery regardless of its electrical performance or age.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Make an emergency kit in case of an accident or medical issue. Don't forget a flashlight, blanket, first-aid kit, tools, and a flare. Pack extra water and snacks in case of prolonged traffic congestion.

Track Your Route

Consider getting a GPS navigation device or mapping out your route before you go. Newer GPS devices will generally list restaurants and fuel stations along your way, as well as alternate routes in case of traffic delays. GPS Navigators can also direct emergency services to you in case something should happen. 

Do Extra Prep if Traveling with Kids or Pets

Children or four legged friends can require extra preparation. Bring additional games, music, snacks, and things to entertain kids. Don’t forget your pets in case of unexpected breaks. Bring leashes, pet snacks, and clean up bags. Check with any accommodations beforehand to make sure they allow animals. 

Spieler's Inc. Can Prepare You for Your Next Trip

Spieler's Inc. has been your family-owned Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep dealership in Mid-Missouri since 1968. Let us handle all of your automotive needs. We understand having a reliable vehicle is essential to go the distance on your next road trip. To schedule an appointment with our service department, call (573) 796-3129. Our trained technicians can get you in and on your way to take that much needed break.

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