Friday, May 31, 2019

Top 5 Vacations within Driving Distance

Summer is here and so is vacation season! If you are looking to get away this summer but want to stay within driving distance, Spielers, Incorporated has the top five destinations within driving distance. These cities can make a great vacation spot no matter if you are looking for a family vacation, weekend trip or a romantic getaway. Your California MO Dealership is happy to give you some information about these destinations and what you can expect.

Branson, Missouri - 3 Hours

Only 3 hours south in the Ozark Mountains is a beautiful vacation spot that has been drawing visitors for over one hundred years. Branson has so much to offer whether you are looking for entertainment, shopping, beautiful scenery, or recreational activities. In the 1960s, music and comedy theaters started popping up and now Branson has hundreds of shows scattered all over the city. This is a great family atmosphere so bring the kids and enjoy Branson’s shows and natural beauty.

Hot Springs, Arkansas – 7 Hours

Claimed by Spanish and French settlers in the mid-1500’s Hot Springs gets its name from the natural thermal springs that are found there. These springs flow up out of the ground at an average temperature of 143 degrees. These hot springs produce almost one million gallons of water every day. Hot Springs is rich in history.  In the late 1800s through the mid-1900s was riddled with organized crime and was a hangout for many infamous mobsters. The springs, history, and view of the Ouachita Mountains make this a great vacation destination within driving distance.

Kansas City, Missouri – 2 Hours

Did you know Kansas City has more fountains than Rome? There are two hundred officially registered fountains within the Kansas City metro area. The largest city in Missouri is a haven for fun! The city has something for everyone from the Kansas City Zoo, Worlds of Fun, numerous museums, and you can’t forget Legoland. With so many options this may take a couple trips to see all of what Kansas City has in store for you and your family.

St. Louis, Missouri – 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Setting on the banks of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers is the gateway to the west. St. Louis is a city full of American history. The first steamboat arrived in 1817 and by the 1850s 500 steamboats would travel through the city each year. St. Louis was already a 40-year-old town when Thomas Jefferson signed the Louisiana Purchase! Outside of Washington, D.C., St. Louis has more free tourist attractions than any other city in the country.

Memphis, Tennessee – 6 Hours

Who doesn’t like history, food, and music? Memphis could be the most influential city to all music genres. The city has shaped influences from blues, country, soul and rock n’ roll. There is a list a mile long of historic places to visit but there are a few you must see. Sun Studio is where rock n’ roll was born! It is worth the stop! If you haven’t been, Graceland is something to see. A day on Beale Street is a must while in Memphis.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about these cities. There are many places to visit for a vacation that don’t require flying or days in your car. Just remember you do have to come back home. If a family vacation is in your near future. Let our mid-MO vehicle service department look over your vehicle before you drive hours from home. Maybe it time to replace your old worn out car this summer. Our California, MO Car Dealership has a huge selection of new and pre-owned vehicles in stock. Come and experience how servicing and buying a new car is meant to be.

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