Friday, April 19, 2019

Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

With summer coming so are road trips, kids sporting events, vacations and many other adventures that will rack up miles on your vehicle. Is your car ready for that? Spieler’s Inc would like to share some tips and tricks that will make traveling this summer safer and you can focus on what matters instead of worrying about having car troubles in Mid-MO.

Find Out What that Warning Light Means

Do you have a warning light on your dash? Not always will you notice your car acting any differently, but those lights don’t just come on for no reason. If you are going to have troubles you know it will happen while miles away from home, so if you have any warning lights on, have them diagnosed. Most of the time these can be checked with a scan tool and diagnosed very quickly. Don’t ignore these lights and save yourself an emergency.

Service You’re A/C System

Whether we are ready or not, it’s going to get hot eventually. Your A/C could be working fine but having it checked over could prevent a future issue. When air conditioners break down, refrigerant leaks and can damage the evaporator and compressor. Don’t get caught out on a hot and humid summer day with no air conditioning.

Inspect Your Tires

You should inspect your tires on a regular basis. Tires are the only component that physically touch the road! Not only do you need your tires in good condition for traction, but tires that are properly inflated will also increase your ride and fuel mileage. Your tires can also tell you a lot about your vehicle. If you notice uneven tread wear, you might need an alignment! It’s never fun putting a spare on in a remote area in 100-degree heat so check your tires over before you head out this summer.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades wear down over time. After your wipers have cleaned off ice and snow all winter, they are probably in need of replacing. Summer will bring some rain and storms so make sure you can drive safely with wipers that repel the rain well. While replacing those worn out blades also top off your windshield washer fluid so you can remove those nasty summertime bug splatters.

Check Coolant Level

Pop your hood and look for any obvious issues. While you are in the engine compartment check your coolant level in the reservoir. You want your car to stay at a nice and cool operating temperature during the hot summer months. If the level is low, it can be easily topped off with pre-diluted mixtures. If you can’t tell where the coolant has escaped, you will want to have the coolant system inspected.

Summer can be harsh on your vehicle. There are several things to check or inspect before heading out on your summer journeys. You and your family’s safety is very important to us. If you would like to have a professional look over your ride, stop by Spieler’s Inc today. Our California, MO car dealership can give you that peace of mind that your car is ready to tackle the summer.

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